Breaking Free From Love At Parks?

There have been talks about the latest gossip and controversy surrounding Maya Khan where she was finding dates at parks proving that she must have done the same when she was 20 that should be like a good 40 years ago. When I was checking my Twitter timeline I assumed she had done something similar to The Veena Jee but as it turns out Maya Khan has crossed not a thin but a thick line.

Dating in parks has been common since I can imagine. It got to that level where bushy trees were cut in some parks when there were random aunties screaming when they found a girl and a boy sitting and eating biscuits.  Like seriously? You can do that publicly as well, why hide?

It even stooped to that level where groups of girls when seeing a date made kissing noises. Yes we do not let a normal boy and girl chit chatting take a moment but make them embarrassed till they live.

Back to Khan, Maya Khan. She has been talked about, written about and gossiped about going to the extent where people were asking is she not happy with her own life that she had to ruin other people’s ongoing affairs?

Jumping up and down when running to chase a girl and a boy? There were two other women who were running like Kajol runs for filmy scenes. Very dramatic. What kind of an image would we be showcasing when our own women are running on national television chasing dates? I would understand if there was a sale on hip and upcoming fashion couture and women were going crazy but chasing dates? We need a tight slap on the face people.

The poor girl in Hijab was physically harassed by the women from the TV channel. She was forcefully stopped. Is this a behavior we need to tolerate? If you have a camera and mic you can not force anyone to give you answers regarding anything or anyone. If a 40 second ad can make us buy something than a 2 hour show can surely influence our younger generation. Media should be a source of inspiration rather than a tool to create panic.

Ek Baar Kaho by Ahmed Jahanzeb was a sweet memory but now it’s a nightmare. Eek. Run away.


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