About Myself

My name is Kinza Tahir. I’m currently pursuing studies in Media Sciences. Writing and designing has always been in me since my childhood. Although I always skipped my Arts class, I love getting my hands dirty in paint and colors.  I love to move and change locations. I want to wake up to a different scenery everyday which will behold and welcome me. My goal is to do everything in life which pleases me and spread my wings freely. This is just a small effort to devour my passion for writing which is within me and around me.

I have seen many ups and downs. More ups then downs actually, I don’t mean to sound arrogant but I just speak what is on my mind but after carefully thinking thoroughly. People used to say I don’t speak much, which was mostly true. Some people think that one’s who are quiet are very intelligent, which is sometimes true! But mostly, they don’t have anything to talk about or maybe they are just listening, taking in everything and give their opinions later.I think life is like a horse ride, it will be over before you know it. You will enjoy the wind, the scenery, and then it ends after some time! So you have to enjoy it before the horse owner says it’s been a 100 RS ride already, get off!

I want to be a thinker, a writer, an innovator and be a name who brings a smile to someone’s face after reading my piece or even one day a book maybe? God has his mysterious ways of being in our lives, hope he brightens up my days to come and all of you out there!


10 thoughts on “About Myself

  1. Nasir Iqbal (@risaniqbal) says:

    Inspiring introduction, i must say. Like you said, remaining quiet doesnt always depict intelligence and its probably more of a processing phase where they assess and ascertain the ideas within. You are good with words and i like (from flash scan across your articles which offcourse i will read later) the way you wrap some important subjects inside a layer of , may i say , comics … Keep up the good wrok.. All the best.


  2. Syed Danish Akhtar (@S_DanishAkhtar) says:

    I have’nt gone through all your blogs only read few, i felt to know who wrote it and to appreciate the creativity, certainly you write worth reading, and your introduction really inspired me. i think i m also one of them who don’t express much, in fact want to play safe and avoid argues but this made me rethink. wishing you joy in your way.


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