Umru Ayar – The Awakening: What is it all about

Excited as ever to meet JC (Ramish Safa) and Sufi (Nofal Khan), the people who have raised the intensity of love for comics in Pakistanis, the makers of history, I knew I would be gruesomely awestruck in their presence. It wasn’t a surprise when I learned that the people at Kachee Goliyan (yes their team has grown) were launching the first of its kind comic book featuring Umru Ayar. The launch in Karachi took place at T2F where I could see people from all ages coming to witness how do the people with a creative mind look like, what are their ideas and perceptions, interacting with them to just get the feel of what their mindset is and learning from them.

Umru Ayar

Umru Ayar

The launch started off with Ramish, Nofal and their team introducing how Kachee Goliyan was born and how it has helped them grow intellectually. The launch went ahead where they explained how Umru was going to be the ‘desi’ superhero and how they want to change his image through their comics. Instead of having a cunning feel, he will be shown to be wiser in the upcoming comics. A question which was asked was will the stories in the comics be taken from the original or Umru Ayar will be having new adventures and experiences. Ramish responded by saying that it will be entirely new, the stories of Umru will be leaving an impact and will be different from the original.

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Review: Kachee Goliyan Comics on the right track

When I first heard the words ‘Kachee Goliyan’, I knew it would be something out of the box, something big and I was right. Ramish and Nofal, the best friends, the mates, the coolest people ever had made the Kachee Goliyan Comics in Pakistan. First the craze was only on Facebook but this year they have launched their comic BOOKS, to be read online at as well as the actual copy which is available for free.

What I did was I read the third issue first which is the March issue titled ‘Of Superheroes and Rockstars’.  It starts with the main character Sufi and how he transforms. Actually he is a hero but he isn’t satisfied with himself and decides to quit his secret life. The last page leaves the readers in apprehension as it ends in continuation. I must say I was very impressed by the Cover Art. The drawings as always were striking.

I’m glad that the story of the March issue kept me in surprise wondering what will be the end.

As I read the older issues of January and Feburary I saw how greatly the KG team has improved. How beautifully they have emerged, creativity on its peak with their vision to be the most excellent. In Urdu I would call it ‘nikhaar aagaya’ in their work, in their thoughts.

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Kachee Goliyan Comic Marathon Final Part

Comic # 9

Chirya chuk gae khaith

Well, this comic features Jack Sparrow meditating and assembling himself! What is the point of this comic? If KG is trying to criticize Johnny Depp’s whole character then they should check again because his income and success is greater than anyone. His acting is outclass, he grabs attention of his audience and has been unbeaten for a long time. The content is just thumbs down, you guys! I’ll give this one 1 star since graphics of the image saved the comic!

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Kachee Goliyan Comic Marathon part 2

Comic # 5

What RedBull does to you

Now this is classic humor which is going to be enjoyed by many! This comic is all about the repetitive RedBull ad with the same boring tag line ‘RedBull gives you wings!’. While the drink does make you feel light in your head, it also has the ‘bling’ effect as shown in the comic, that is, it gives side effects. This is basically an attempt for ‘dry humor’ which the KG team has successfully done, up till now. I’ll give it 3 stars since it didn’t have the right amount of ‘bling’ for me!

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Kachee Goliyan Comic Marathon part 1

I’m sure when fans wake up, they don’t say good morning, they say Kachee Goliyan! Yes, that is how crazy we have gotten. Kachee Goliyan is doing an event Kachee Goliyan Comic Marathon on October 16th in Karachi, Pakistan which will be a first of its kind. In this event, the KG team will go to a different location each time a comic is uploaded. This will happen for 12 hours in which 12 comics will be uploaded. Choosing different locations was only so the fans can meet the KG team which comprises of Ramish Safa and Nofal Khan, who are JC and Sufi. Literally!

You will be delighted as well as be amazed seeing the KG team’s talent and how much hard work they have done to put all of this together! Right here, those 12 comics will be given 5 stars by me or just torn apart.

Comic # 1:

Agha Juice wala

The juice owner looks like Hitler as implied and written in Urdu that Jews are available, Sufi is pointing out the irony that Hitler as in Agha juice wala is not even getting the point that he is a look-alike as well as selling juice but giving out the message of selling Jews on his banner. Making fun of the innocent juice owner is hilarious. No one is stupid but you have to laugh when this kind of situation occurs! 4 stars by me!

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Kachee Goliyan – Local Comic

Kachee Goliyan is the new scene here in Pakistan. You can call them one of the best, actually, the best Pakistani comic as yet. They describe themselves as ‘wehshiness and metaphysics’ which according to me means that they are in their natural environment which is ‘wild’ and out of this world. They are care-free and uncivilized. They are JC and Sufi.

Kachee Goliyan is about two guys, my personal favorite JC and Sufi, the adorable one, who love to get dirty with society, world and the people. If you have read the comics you will know how they make you understand the social message as well as take it on the hilarious side. They tell you what is wrong and correct it with a funny statement. They just amuse you to death.

They love to interact with their fans. Oh, I mean the PANKHAS on Facebook (link given below) with comics like ‘Khali jagha pur kareinand what not. You have to understand their thinking; they just want you to give the advantage of being completely out of your mind laughing plus understand their point of each and every comic as well, which they have successfully done.

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