Isko Usko Sab Ko ‘Maat’ Hui

Maat which literally means ‘defeat’ has created quite a hype among the young. Sitting between groups of girls, while discussing whose nose job went wrong we also discuss the plots of our Pakistani dramas. Maat is one of them. I have talked about the storyline along with what is wrong with Saman (Saba Qamar) and does Aiman (Amina Sheikh) really believe in the whole act that has been put in front of her.

Before I go on and on about the two sisters, I should brief that the drama has two girls where Aiman the older one is the wiser one, she doesn’t believe in smaller things but rather looks at the bigger picture. I think girls like her always have the other side which I haven’t seen as yet.

Saba Qamar

Why do I feel that girls who stand up for themselves are portrayed negative in our society?  Saman, the younger one, has been said to be ‘so evil’ by one of my friends. Why? What she wills she wants it. Being on the side of the road where I have always been taught to be an optimistic in every situation, I feel for girls like Saman. They have adapted such coarse unbreakable walls around themselves. The way she has used and ‘schemed’ to get what she wants has been very wrong but why do I feel that to survive in society you need to be more like Saman?

Faisal (Adnan Siddiqui) looks like a side character that has been given a lot of attention. I have been watching him since forever, I used to like his old shows but his acting in this one did not amaze me. Very mediocre. I respect how he has delivered whatever his character required but there is nothing special.

Maat also has Azar (Asad Malik). He is the rich guy which every girl dreams of. He spends on his girl, which is what a girl wants basically to be treated like a queen.

Hate it or like it, Maat has gained a lot of popularity. Being in a community where there is so much ongoing politics, I would like to see politics on TV too! This show will show you the two sides of human personality on extreme. Watch it, you will love it! It airs every Friday at 8pm. Don’t miss it!


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