10 Things I Hate About You

Best friends go a long way!

What is a feeling if not described by beautiful words filled with wrath and dismay. The common man searches for a moment of sanity among all the confused bickering faces of new love bidding in the hearts of girls and men. The sudden change to be a perfectionist model slowly leaving the owner’s head of a thousand possibilities. If “everything” is helpful then why the sudden surge of gargling your mouth filled with the sour and bitter taste of human flesh.

The first thing which comes to your mind after opening those eyelids while breathing in the environment you forgot in your dreams is what will make your world work. Either you can be the claustrophobic manic screaming to get out OR be the subtle relaxed individual who smiles even at a minimum gain situation.

The 2 star situations are not new. Staring at the sky has been there since Lion King and Lion King 2. Imagining the past and future in the most dramatic way to kill the sound of a clock ticking in the most beautiful/horrific manner.

Kovu in Lion King 2

Kovu in Lion King 2

I leave my sentences unfinished to create a bubble which only games of titanic will understand. If the criss-crossness of a simple second in my watch couldn’t stop a jungle king from reaching his “whats it called” destiny then I’m part of that grain of sand or a single drop of water from the skies has made my intense intelligent persona as a safety net. For the glance of red, you first need a bit of navigation to the rest-stop facing you on the never ending road of popularity among the hills and speed-breakers.

So they keep saying, to be or not to be. The ideal space which I would turn the world for is “personal space”. Let’s elaborate on this, shall we?

Kovu goes all serious

Kovu goes all serious

Living a life of 2 into 5 equals 14, I have ample respect for the sudden reactions I receive when I say *shotgun*. The attitude does not matter. The abilities matter to that level that I know you know what you are and do not need constant reassurance. If I look back, each individual in my life has taught me a system. To live, to breath and here is the tricky one, “appreciate”. The ads, the movies, the frickin billboards teach you something meaningless and important at the same time. It depends on how you relate to them. If you’re not spending each “second” with the thirst of making the next “second” better then you’re going in reverse. And let me tell you that’s not a good combo.

A girl slash blossom told me you’re a prisoner of the soul.

My reaction? No comments.


Ranbir Kapoor, does he have what it takes?

The new ‘in’ thing in Bollywood these days is joining the 100 crore club. If you’ve got muscles like Salman Khan, can dance like Hrithik Roshan and act like SRK then clearly no one can stop you from entering that club.

Ranbir Kapoor in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Ranbir Kapoor in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Ranbir Kapoor, from the moment he stepped into the limelight, we won’t talk about his looks obviously because I can’t possibly describe heaven; Ranbir has managed to cross 100 crores at the box-office with his films as well as act with full throttle. From Saawariya to Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, he has managed to make his place in the world of Khans and Kumars. The acting talent he has shown on the big screen is inspiring, a new genre of heroes is born then and there. Ranbir has made the world realize that you don’t necessarily need an item number or show off the ‘biceps’ to get people to come and watch your movies. It depends merely on style, acting abilities and an exuberant personality.

Ranbir Kapoor in the much awaited Besharam

Ranbir Kapoor in the much awaited Besharam

Ranbir’s movie Besharam is releasing today on Oct 2nd, now if you have listened to the songs and watched their videos about 60 to 70 times like me you will see how much hard work he is putting in to them. The choreography mind you is difficult and he has managed to do it effortlessly. If you look at the dance steps closely, they require immense energy. His expressions are spot on leaving the person watching with intense admiration. Ranbir has adapted a very wise strategy the “in your face” plan. Let me explain: most actors do a film and if it’s a hit, take a backseat and enjoy the success but Ranbir? No, he is doing film after film, is on the screen and cashing in on his opportunities, not saying no to scripts which may be a risk and is doing quality work. He is taking a bold step, doesn’t want his fans to forget him for one second and talk about him constantly. He is in the making of becoming a superstar.

Although he persistently talks about keeping his personal life private, he has had his share of lovely and gorgeous ladies. He has broken Deepika’s heart. Obviously, he is the legendary descendent of the Kapoors, why would he ever marry a normal person? Deepika, please. Also, we can’t ignore the fact that she was too clingy and kept forgiving him for his “just friends” act with other girls. Kitty Kat is fine I suppose. Let me make this clear, I will never approve a girl who is with Ranbir so you must realize how much I have to make myself understand that Katrina Kaif is ‘fine’. Yeah yeah, they look lovely together but is she going to be there for the long haul or pull a Salman Khan on him?

Imran and Ranveer: competition? Nope!

Imran and Ranveer: competition? Nope!

Ranbir Kapoor had the “supposed” competition against him be it Imran Khan or Ranveer Singh but he has left them far behind, they’re not even in the race! Ranveer might be a little dangerous but he’s a bit blurry right now. Oh well, Ranbir is a heartthrob and whatever he does publicly on screen or personally we will love and admire him forever. I wish you best of luck for Besharam, Ranbir. Can’t wait!

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Review: Coke Studio Season 5 (Episode 2)

When someone says Coke Studio my eyes light up. Studying a few things about it a bit closely I learned that Coke Studio has had a good advantage of the technique word-of-mouth. It has gained a lot of support by marketing the right way but the real difficulty I face and most of you would that why not maintaining the standard it had put in front of us earlier?

What’s different this time in the season 5 of Coke Studio? I have heard the songs of episode 2 and well I have mixed feelings. There I am thinking I will be mesmerized by all the songs and how I have been let down quite a bit.

Larho Mujhey – Bilal Khan

Bilal Khan has one of those ‘being burger’ traumas. I thought studying in LUMS would give him an edge over having class and style but he has failed to be. He has proved that by keeping the song title ‘slang’. I really don’t believe giving so much attention to him has resulted in anything good. This song will be just ‘loved’ and ‘<3’ by the girls. Seriously I do not find anything special. The vocals are very mediocre, although I like the beat and overall feel of the song, I still do not approve Bilal Khan’s existence in the music world. Most of the time he looks bored as if he is being forced in the spotlight.

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Coke Studio, have you heard it yet?

If I was told 10 years ago something like Coke Studio was going to emerge, I would have never believed it. Since the progress of ideas and innovations, Pakistan and its music industry has truly been extraordinary. Coke Studio is providing a platform for all those talents, promoting their each individual style of performance, making them stars in just moments.

For all those who aren’t aware of what a gift to music lovers Coke Studio is, it’s a show which has popular as well as new singers, drummers, guitarists and so many types of artists which really need to be applauded for providing hardcore music fans of different genres songs which have substance.  The visual experience makes the whole package worthwhile!

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Tu Desi Thumka La

Osama Com Laude

When you pop your hip to the left and back while continuously doing that with the beats of the song, you my friend are doing the ‘Desi Thumka’. It’s very popular among all the Desis that is Pakistanis, Indians and others. The trend of dancing has been there since before the 18th century and it still continues. People dance especially on Pakistani weddings to upbeat and famous songs ranging from Punjabi style to pure English songs. Young girls and boys practice well before the wedding atleast 3 months before, but planning starts a year before.

Which songs will be ‘in’ during the wedding, the clothes, everything is planned.

Although there are other styles of dancing other then Punjabi style such as crumping, breakdancing, hip hop, I personally like Punjabi with all the thumkas with the ‘latkas’ and ‘jhatkas’.

A song ‘Desi Thumka’ has also emerged which is sung by Nouman Khalid feat. Osama Com Laude. Although both of the singers come in the category of ‘pretty’ boys and most girls will call them ‘cute’, well I’m one of those girls. Anyway when you listen to the song you expect the video to be full breaking the stage kind but the actual video is very classy and subtle. I personally thought the video was restrained. Overall the song is very addictive as well as very popular nowadays having more than 6 million views on YouTube.

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Top 10 Survivor Tips For A Blank Mind

I never understood the concept of writer’s block but when I read about it in an article I got it. Let me explain in simple words. Writer’s block occurs when your thoughts are constricted and your mind is just purely what can I say BLANK!!

My head is blank now, yeah! But I have decided to come out of this what do you call block thing and write up the Top 10 Survivor Tips For A Blank Mind.

10) Move to the left. Move to the right. Dance.

You’re thinking how can I dance when I have to write up a 600 words long report? That’s what I’m saying! When you’re in stress just let loose and try to relax. Move your feet, if you’re a girl do the “desi thumka” or if you are a guy do the ”bhangra” because that will help you have relief and feel free!

9) Take a walk

Feel like too much pressure coming from the bosses or teachers? Take a walk around and let your mind settle down, let your thoughts wander freely. Then return and start with a fresh mind.

8 ) Whine

You think that whining is a job for girls but hear me out. When you have too much bottled up inside, you need to vent. How do you do that? Grab your sibling/friend or ask your parents nicely that “I want to talk and only I will talk so just listen”. Pour out everything you feel is making you moody and uncomfortable! You will feel better.

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The Brain Behind CHEAPMUNKS!

When anyone sits with me, the first topic they should discuss is ME!! Hamza Quddusi is no exception! When I met him, of course the first topic we discussed was about me, we won’t get into WHAT about me! When I asked him if I could interview him, his answer? Sure! I was very much excited because he is the lead guitarist of CHEAPMUNKS! It’s a Pakistani band consisting of Mehak Taherani, Suhana Baloch, Hamza Quddusi and Danyal Pervaiz. They have captured the music scene of Pakistan with their one of a kind mash up songs!

I asked Hamza many questions, silly as well, which he answered very patiently, here is just a bit of it!

How does it feel like to be a in a band, be a popular name? Hamza answers: ‘Pretty good actually, when you’re up there on stage playing, you get an adrenaline rush, you get excited, you know billions of people are watching but you’re in your own world. It feels good at the end of the day when people appreciate’.

What do you do in the band, your role, besides being the guitarist? Hamza replies, ‘I do whatever is needed! I do composing which basically defines the theme, the genre of the music, the feel, the environment you are trying to build within the song, so you make a melody or a tune according to that. Staying within these lines and then whatever sounds you like. It’s very different to describe it in words, but it’s to make you feel what I feel, with the help of sounds, that to me is composing’.

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