IPL: I love you no more

The sixers and the fours have kept the audiences on the edge of their seats. The people are mesmerized by the shiny bright red uniforms and the blue passionate people with their instant reactions to countless flips of the bat. My personal favourite is always Rajhastan Royals but I can’t help but get excited about KKR aka Kolkata Knight Riders.

THE Players!

THE Players!

If we look back in the history of the first Indian Premiere League which was graced by our Pakistani players be it Sohail Tanvir or Shoaib Akhtar. They marked their place with their Punjabi slash fast bowlers and 6 out of 6 yorkers. If Shipla Shetty was reading this, she must be clear that the team RR is a great blessing for her. Shane Warne did his magic and left the world in awe of his brilliance. The way he spins the ball; leaving the batsman in a predicament of keeping their balance to decide their shot. Even Shane Watson has kept his cool during all the IPLs we have seen as yet.

Shane Warne: The Magic Man

Shane Warne: The Magic Man

It’s a second versus tick tock game and I love every minute of it AND here I raise the question of deciding if emotion and love will make the IPL work better than the previous IPLs. I would specifically like to talk about Virat Kohli over here.

VK has, I would say put his heart as he captains the RCB team. If you watch his closely, he kept his anger in control giving full support to Yuvraj Singh wherever possible. Virat has shown patience and determination which leads to the question to all those link ups we hear regarding all the players in IPL. One can only guess and ramble about the fact the why did Raina’s nephew tweet about Pakistan. Oh well, I will leave it to that. One just needs to “relax, because nothing is in control”.

-Leslie Chow


Ranbir Kapoor, does he have what it takes?

The new ‘in’ thing in Bollywood these days is joining the 100 crore club. If you’ve got muscles like Salman Khan, can dance like Hrithik Roshan and act like SRK then clearly no one can stop you from entering that club.

Ranbir Kapoor in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Ranbir Kapoor in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Ranbir Kapoor, from the moment he stepped into the limelight, we won’t talk about his looks obviously because I can’t possibly describe heaven; Ranbir has managed to cross 100 crores at the box-office with his films as well as act with full throttle. From Saawariya to Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, he has managed to make his place in the world of Khans and Kumars. The acting talent he has shown on the big screen is inspiring, a new genre of heroes is born then and there. Ranbir has made the world realize that you don’t necessarily need an item number or show off the ‘biceps’ to get people to come and watch your movies. It depends merely on style, acting abilities and an exuberant personality.

Ranbir Kapoor in the much awaited Besharam

Ranbir Kapoor in the much awaited Besharam

Ranbir’s movie Besharam is releasing today on Oct 2nd, now if you have listened to the songs and watched their videos about 60 to 70 times like me you will see how much hard work he is putting in to them. The choreography mind you is difficult and he has managed to do it effortlessly. If you look at the dance steps closely, they require immense energy. His expressions are spot on leaving the person watching with intense admiration. Ranbir has adapted a very wise strategy the “in your face” plan. Let me explain: most actors do a film and if it’s a hit, take a backseat and enjoy the success but Ranbir? No, he is doing film after film, is on the screen and cashing in on his opportunities, not saying no to scripts which may be a risk and is doing quality work. He is taking a bold step, doesn’t want his fans to forget him for one second and talk about him constantly. He is in the making of becoming a superstar.

Although he persistently talks about keeping his personal life private, he has had his share of lovely and gorgeous ladies. He has broken Deepika’s heart. Obviously, he is the legendary descendent of the Kapoors, why would he ever marry a normal person? Deepika, please. Also, we can’t ignore the fact that she was too clingy and kept forgiving him for his “just friends” act with other girls. Kitty Kat is fine I suppose. Let me make this clear, I will never approve a girl who is with Ranbir so you must realize how much I have to make myself understand that Katrina Kaif is ‘fine’. Yeah yeah, they look lovely together but is she going to be there for the long haul or pull a Salman Khan on him?

Imran and Ranveer: competition? Nope!

Imran and Ranveer: competition? Nope!

Ranbir Kapoor had the “supposed” competition against him be it Imran Khan or Ranveer Singh but he has left them far behind, they’re not even in the race! Ranveer might be a little dangerous but he’s a bit blurry right now. Oh well, Ranbir is a heartthrob and whatever he does publicly on screen or personally we will love and admire him forever. I wish you best of luck for Besharam, Ranbir. Can’t wait!

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Usain Bolt proves to be The Sprint King in the Olympics

Reaching your full potential is one of the best traits you can have, but surpassing that potential and performing out of your capacity is better then best, it’s extraordinary. Usain Bolt also known as Lightening Bolt has proved that he is the man who has created history. He has amazed us once again by winning gold in the 100m and 200m at the London Olympics since he previously won gold at both these races at the last Olympics as well which were held in Beijing, winning in two Olympics held consecutively.

The way Bolt craves attention, and how he gets the attention is very attractive. Bolt has showed the world that confidence comes with practice. He has shown that sports do not need luck but only hard work. He seems to be a decent and modest man, with goals sky high.

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The Elite and Burger Generation of Today

There are many types of people in Pakistan including those we call mummy daddy bachay (kids) know as ‘burger’, serious boring type as well as clingy people.

How do you define a ‘Burger’? In Pakistan, a burger is someone who has the ability to make up their own accents which are not British, American or even French. They invent their own fake accents I would call Burrgaran.

Burgers have their own style be it hair cut such as bangs for girls and bedhead hairstyle for boys.

Using words like ‘oh em gee’ and ‘el oh el’, they have destroyed the English language.

The children and youth of today have increasingly become more and more over-confident, dependent and angry. With a few exceptions, I would say today’s generation is too privileged to even move, just put up their finger to give out orders and then hire a maid to press that finger which was used to give orders.

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Respecting Teachers Who Made Us

Like always my face was in my phone when I heard the breaking news music on the idiot box. It always takes my attention! Apart from news like babies mostly females handed over to Edhi, one thing that caught my attention was how teachers were treated like punching bags by the students yesterday in Karachi.

What I could grab from the 10 second news bulletin was how teachers were tried to be choked and abused because they did not allow cheating in exams.

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.”
– Cynthia Ozick

Teachers with the anticipation of spreading their wisdom to delicate minds, are one of those special people in the world who deserve our utmost respect.

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Moin Akhtar – A Personality You Can Never Forget

This morning when I woke up, while joining my family in watching TV, I saw channels showing old shows of Mr. Moin Akhtar, which made me realize today is his 1st death anniversary.

The man who was truly a treasure, the man who completely changed the television industry. When he was shooting for a show, Mr. Burger, I had a chance to do a scene with him. Well, actually I was 8 years old and while he was delivering his dialogues along with his co-actors I was eating oranges.

I never had a chance to interact with him, although I used to watch him from afar. The way he acted and showcased his talent, I could see that he had a thirst of bringing the best of his ability. Anyone would say he had a sense of humor, but I would say his personality was a humorous one, he had the power, the knack to make anyone laugh, which is one of the greatest gifts God could give to anyone.

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Sharmeen Chinoy Wins Oscar For Pakistan

It was an ordinary night for many but for Pakistanis living here and abroad, heart beats were fast and people were in anticipation. Pakistan’s Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy was nominated for her documentary ‘Saving Face’ at the 84thAnnual Academy Awards also known as the Oscars. Faces were in shock and in happiness when she and her co-director, Daniel Junge were announced winners for the prestigious award for Best Documentary Short Subject. This is the first Oscar for Pakistan in any category.

Sharmeen is a living legend since she has proved yet again that she is a woman who has established a ground for Pakistanis. She has created platforms, made pathways to follow.

The 33-year-old says in her acceptance speech, “This is for all the women in Pakistan working for change. Don’t give up on your dreams. This is for you.”

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