7 Smart Tips For Brilliant Efficiency

When I know I have to work in the morning, my days are spent relaxed and with new hopes of giving my best out there. When you know you are contributing to the world, it’s a new kind of feeling.

Ever wondered how you can do your tasks in lesser time and before the deadline? Not facing the fury of your boss and coming out successful? Here are the 10 Smart Tip for Brilliant Efficiency which will make your work easier, faster and improved.

1) Organize

When you are given tasks and you don’t know which one to give top priority. Stop. Make a list of all those tasks and rank them according to the deadline.

If you see yourself doing 3 tasks at once just prevent it from happening further. Make sure you do them one by one so there is less confusion and distraction.

2) Over Prepare

Over prepare may sound a little ‘over the top’ but it will definitely make your work less hectic. For example if you have a meeting with your boss, you should know what topic is going to be discussed, prepare your points on what you’re going to say, take your writing page/laptop in case you have to write down points said by the boss and be really attentive. Also if your boss asks you to do something you should always do extra so that you are considered in their good books but not spamming their inbox by reminding them again and again you exist.

3) Weekly List Of The Work Done

This will help you keep track of what you have done over the past week. It will also tell you if you are working hard enough or not. Encourage yourself to make this list so that you know what you are value adding to your job.

4) Discuss With Seniors

Always discuss with your senior colleagues on how you can do your job better. Ask them a lot of ideas for improving, brainstorm with them if you can and how they felt when they first came to the company. Learn their experiences and you will succeed. This way you will be saving a lot of time for yourself and others.

5) Avoid Distractions

Stay focused and concentrate on your work. Try to ignore every possible thing which will minimize your output towards your job. Be it a phone call from home or friend, outside noise, just don’t give attention at all. Since a personal phone call leaves a lasting impact and disturbs your thinking process. Personally what I do is put on my headphones and listen to my favorite songs while doing my work!

6) Always Welcome Positive Criticism

Some people come to your desk to waste your time but there are some who in the smallest of ways will give you a positive comment without even knowing it. Be attentive to what everyone says to you but do put a wall around you if you feel that you are being put down.

7) NEVER Think You Can’t Do It

Always think that you are competent enough because that’s why you were employed in the first place. If you have been given a task you feel is difficult, ask and share ideas with colleagues. Be confident and proficient.

Here are my tips! What are your tips for Brilliant Efficiency?


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