Major Throwback! Movie Review: Bride Wars for Young World

Even though it got rejected as the movie was PG. I still felt compelled to post it because it was written on my wall. The thoughts were unstoppable, I couldn’t find paper thus one of my bedroom walls was graced by one of my very first reviews. 🙂

Movie Review: Bride Wars

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Tue 2/10/2009 4:59 PM


After appearing in the hit comedy Get Smart, Anne Hathaway returns to the silver screen with the romanctic comedy Bride Wars along with real-life close friend Kate Hudson popularly known from the movie, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.This movie is about two childhood friends, Anne Hathaway(Emma) and Kate Hudson(Liv), who have been planning their weddings together their whole life.Now at 26, they are finally engaged. They couldn’t be more excited but due to a mistake, their weddings fall on the same date! Now friendship is put to the ultimate test, since both of them have to compete with each other on having the perfect wedding. Both of them trying different ways to ruin one another’s dream day, so that one of them will back out.

The movie has a few light moments and manages to capture your attention, but the script was at times far from reality and seemed unreal because best friends don’t turn against each other so quickly.It’s hard to expect that from someone as dear as one’s childhood best friend.Almost all of the movie is based on how Emma and Liv try to ruin the details leading up to the wedding which becomes exhausting after a while.Kate Hudson was passable but Anne Hathaway failed to convince me as a character, which is completely different at the beginning of the movie compared to the end.

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The Commitment Crisis

I run my hands through my hair nervously as I fuss in the car which is taking me to a place I don’t want to be. The first day of Eid was coming to an end; we were going to the last dinner party of the night at a relative’s place. They were holding a lavish dinner to celebrate their daughter’s engagement. As they were faraway relatives who kept this party on a day where everyone had their own plans, the common reaction of any individual attending was a thumbs-down. Since they were elders in the family we had to oblige to their invite. I was neither interested nor excited to see another girl much younger than me getting the attention, but I went regardless to see the face of the girl who had decided to give up her freedom and her single life.


This is super awkward.

The daughter is merely eighteen. I feel sweat running through my fingers as I cross the long pathway to reach the segregated area for women. *Alayna is a confident and sensible girl. I was aware within myself that she must have thought over several times of her decision to settle down. I knew she was studying religiously to become a designer of some sort at a prestigious university.

My thoughts get interrupted as the long walk ends. As I observe and take in the setting of the place, flashbacks start coming in my mind as I remember when I was twelve and this girl would talk about things which were unknown to the kids of our age. She was only eight; my eyes would pop out with shock with the thought and admiration that this girl had more knowledge than me in these issues. Here we were, the children unaware regarding such things and she was well equipped with such valuable information. The girl, lady, woman or whatever you may call her had managed to find herself a suitor who didn’t find her creepy for knowing that she was perfect within herself and didn’t need anyone’s approval.


Um okay?

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Redefine The Way You Think

Feeling Down?

Feeling Down?

You wake up and realize, another day has been dumped upon you. The weekend is over and Tuesday still hasn’t got you back to routine with studies, work and their respective assignments. While dreading to do the tasks, you remember the good ol’ five days off because of Eid when you had no care in the world. Now you’re back to the point where you don’t feel like talking and despise anyone who does. You basically hate everyone and the love of your life your snuggly cuddly bed keeps popping up in your thoughts.

As much as you loathe the ongoing activities for the day, you plaster a smile on your face to assure others that you’re the most excited, over-efficient person in the whole wide world. Each second that passes on your watch brings you closer to home time where you don’t have to deal with people and/or any kind of interaction.

NOW let’s change the gear.

I’ll start this post with a different perspective and you will feel the variation in your thought process.

How slow were the holidays? Didn’t you, at some point, just want to return to your routine already? The beginning of your week gives you the chance to start afresh. With so much hustle and bustle of the city, daily contradictions with others, a new day gives you a chance to clear your head. You set fresh goals to achieve. One can untangle situations with patience. As you return to your studies/work, you get a sudden rush of adrenaline that today I will learn something new, garner experiences with limitless learning. When you meet someone new, they teach you something unique.

There are a few things that make the morning of a new day even better. You wake up early thus most of your day isn’t spent sleeping. You are proactive and feel prolific. A new day indicates that good things come to you; you just need to take charge and recognize them.

say yes

Start your day with a positive note. It can be as simple as ‘Say yes, and you’ll figure it out afterwards’.

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Being Beautiful On The Inside

The world comes to an end when you hear ‘Sorry ma’am that dress isn’t available in your size’. Being someone who hears that often and it’s not limited to dresses only. Shoes, pants, t-shirts and anything I can think of. I have always needed a ’bigger’ size. ‘Ma’am your feet are too wide”, “Um that is fat protruding out of the clothes, ye to exercise se trim hoga” are few of those many opinions/judgments/criticisms I have to hear about my body from complete strangers.

The Perfect Person Doesn't Exist

             The Perfect Person Doesn’t Exist

I have never reacted to people. I just smile politely and move on. The only thing that itches me is that who has given these people the right to object on me? Stare, point and laugh, speak in hushed tones and comment on my body? I chose what I want to do with my life. Will your XYZ herbal diet I must must try or special ‘magic doctor who made you lose 10 kgs” advices make a difference in my life? I know you’re a concerned citizen who just cannot bear to watch a heavy burden on the world moving like a snowball but could you like just back off? Making me feel uncomfortable to fulfill your weird feel good about yourself desire that “thank god I’m not in that position”, “poor soul”, “don’t her parents don’t do anything about it?” thoughts.

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IPL: I love you no more

The sixers and the fours have kept the audiences on the edge of their seats. The people are mesmerized by the shiny bright red uniforms and the blue passionate people with their instant reactions to countless flips of the bat. My personal favourite is always Rajhastan Royals but I can’t help but get excited about KKR aka Kolkata Knight Riders.

THE Players!

THE Players!

If we look back in the history of the first Indian Premiere League which was graced by our Pakistani players be it Sohail Tanvir or Shoaib Akhtar. They marked their place with their Punjabi slash fast bowlers and 6 out of 6 yorkers. If Shipla Shetty was reading this, she must be clear that the team RR is a great blessing for her. Shane Warne did his magic and left the world in awe of his brilliance. The way he spins the ball; leaving the batsman in a predicament of keeping their balance to decide their shot. Even Shane Watson has kept his cool during all the IPLs we have seen as yet.

Shane Warne: The Magic Man

Shane Warne: The Magic Man

It’s a second versus tick tock game and I love every minute of it AND here I raise the question of deciding if emotion and love will make the IPL work better than the previous IPLs. I would specifically like to talk about Virat Kohli over here.

VK has, I would say put his heart as he captains the RCB team. If you watch his closely, he kept his anger in control giving full support to Yuvraj Singh wherever possible. Virat has shown patience and determination which leads to the question to all those link ups we hear regarding all the players in IPL. One can only guess and ramble about the fact the why did Raina’s nephew tweet about Pakistan. Oh well, I will leave it to that. One just needs to “relax, because nothing is in control”.

-Leslie Chow

The Rotation Story


The Rotation Story is an exercise we did in our Advanced English Composition class. We had to pass our notebooks in an orderly manner and everyone had to write a little bit in the story. Almost all of my classmates wrote in it. I edited it a bit. Check.

The leftovers are stuffed into the one tiny refrigerator, sauces dripping from hastily closed lid of plastic containers. Utensils have been placed mistakenly in the wrong drawers, the furniture which was moved around stays so and soon enough the whitest wall has smeared on it the enthusiasm of the happiest guest. The toilet, now clogged, needs attention. Soon enough, repairs begin; the brand new beginning not so new anymore needs to be stitched up and fixed.

The promises that were once made with such devotion were now being broken at a fast pace. Salar had been trying hard to make things work between him and his girlfriend of seven years. It was never enough to fulfill her expectations. Salar was a painter and Christina worked in a multinational company. Their relationship was hanging by a thread, a thread that could break any second and no matter how many knots Salar tried to make in that thread, to make it stand against the rough for just a little longer, the fate of the thread was inevitable. Christina believed that surviving seven years with Salar was a punishment. Everything he said or did was an accolade of mockery. His ego was unbreakable and Christina couldn’t handle that. She was an independent executive; loved being told what to do at work but in her private life, she liked to dominate. She wanted to tell Salar what she wants from life and the directions on how to achieve it. Salar was never a good listener. The same thing happened on the night of 21st March. Some friends were over for a movie. A conversation started casually grew into an intense one. Two of the friends who were in a relationship started to argue about a nominal issue which grew into something so big that somehow Christina and Salar got involved in the huge mess too. That day, Christina decided that such miscommunication is intolerable. She couldn’t find a way to make it work. Christina made up her mind to breakup with him. After gathering all of her courage, she told Salar that he needs to move out.


Then Christina saw the monster he was. He tightly grabbed her wrist and threw her on the ground. How could she end everything this way. Salar was always patient with her, listened to all her impossible demands, tried to live a life she wanted for them. Wasn’t that enough for her. Salar was deeply hurt. Suddenly he felt rage rising inside him. The anger in his eyes was something she couldn’t look at. She couldn’t speak with fear. She wanted to run away from all the hope she had pinned onto Salar, all the time she wasted on creating a life out of what they had between them. She wiped her tears and decided to stand, stand for herself, her decisions and her beliefs. She kicked him on the knee which caught him off guard. It got her enough time to run away from him. She ran down the lane with her feet almost refusing to stop at any bump. She dashed across into the next lane without looking back. She was broken with disappointment. She felt exposed; she had let Salar inside the wall she had built for everyone. She felt as if she was falling in a bottomless pit. As far as her sight could take her, she saw a police mobile a hundred yards away so she ran towards it. Christina waved her hands to get their attention. The police car came towards her and stopped with a screech. She climbed in, feeling a lot safer.

The events of the day screamed nothing but madness but she was safe now. Looking around the police car she tried to catch one reassuring smile that would tell her it was all over but little did she know that the real danger had just begun.

evil smile

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The Elite and Burger Generation of Today

There are many types of people in Pakistan including those we call mummy daddy bachay (kids) know as ‘burger’, serious boring type as well as clingy people.

How do you define a ‘Burger’? In Pakistan, a burger is someone who has the ability to make up their own accents which are not British, American or even French. They invent their own fake accents I would call Burrgaran.

Burgers have their own style be it hair cut such as bangs for girls and bedhead hairstyle for boys.

Using words like ‘oh em gee’ and ‘el oh el’, they have destroyed the English language.

The children and youth of today have increasingly become more and more over-confident, dependent and angry. With a few exceptions, I would say today’s generation is too privileged to even move, just put up their finger to give out orders and then hire a maid to press that finger which was used to give orders.

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