Is Nadia Khan Back For Good?

Mornings are great to refresh your mind. A while back people, ladies specially, started their day with morning shows.

The morning show frenzy started all because of the famous Nadia Khan. She started the trend of having morning shows, calling up genuine and respected people, creating awareness keeping people informed about various things going on in Pakistan. Shaista Wahidi is in her league while Savera Nadeem, Maya Khan followed her, I’ll talk about them later. First focusing on Nadia jee, she has been in the show business for quite a long time and after her morning shows people genuinely started liking her. I heard comments like ‘your show is a vital change in our lives, really energizes us’. People used to admire her sense of style, the way she talked and I have to admit me too.

Then she did that show where she called up the actress Noor and bad mouthed her husband. The husband came and told Nadia jee and Noor to back off but Nadia showed the ‘husband’ video the next day on the channel. This made the husband outraged; he filed a case against the channel, which banned Nadia jee for 6 months making her resign. She went to Dubai, remember?

Following her, Maya Khan did the same by creating hype doing a controversial show and did quite a drama by apologizing later.

Savera Nadeem did decent morning shows, informative, well researched which served the purpose of moulding the society for the betterment of people.

Back to Nadia, As they say ‘Money is the root of all evil’, she made the blunder of keeping money her first agenda, she fell in the game of rankings. She did complete mismanagement when she returned with another show which is now shown at night. She recently did a show, calling up Veena Malik.

Nadia, what were you thinking? We don’t want to see negative things about negative people. We would much rather see positive about people who have made us proud.

Why are you back doing such acts which are even worse than before? Nadia Khan took a topic which did not need to be promoted. People who didn’t know about the Veena Malik tragedy are now aware of it. These things are only giving us loss rather than benefit. Putting tags likes ‘children should not watch’ creating more suspicion.

I would say Nadia Khan is a talented, intelligent woman; she should put her energy on other events and misfortune which have occurred in Pakistan showing how to lessen them or finding the solutions. She should show something which is in the service of others.

I would say I really used to appreciate that lady Nadia jee I used to be happy to see her, now she’s just another person trying to get attention which I personally think she doesn’t need. She had made her place in our hearts already but now after this Veena Malik fiasco she is just below average for me.


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