The Commitment Crisis

I run my hands through my hair nervously as I fuss in the car which is taking me to a place I don’t want to be. The first day of Eid was coming to an end; we were going to the last dinner party of the night at a relative’s place. They were holding a lavish dinner to celebrate their daughter’s engagement. As they were faraway relatives who kept this party on a day where everyone had their own plans, the common reaction of any individual attending was a thumbs-down. Since they were elders in the family we had to oblige to their invite. I was neither interested nor excited to see another girl much younger than me getting the attention, but I went regardless to see the face of the girl who had decided to give up her freedom and her single life.


This is super awkward.

The daughter is merely eighteen. I feel sweat running through my fingers as I cross the long pathway to reach the segregated area for women. *Alayna is a confident and sensible girl. I was aware within myself that she must have thought over several times of her decision to settle down. I knew she was studying religiously to become a designer of some sort at a prestigious university.

My thoughts get interrupted as the long walk ends. As I observe and take in the setting of the place, flashbacks start coming in my mind as I remember when I was twelve and this girl would talk about things which were unknown to the kids of our age. She was only eight; my eyes would pop out with shock with the thought and admiration that this girl had more knowledge than me in these issues. Here we were, the children unaware regarding such things and she was well equipped with such valuable information. The girl, lady, woman or whatever you may call her had managed to find herself a suitor who didn’t find her creepy for knowing that she was perfect within herself and didn’t need anyone’s approval.


Um okay?

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Studying and experiencing life at the three most prestigious universities

I remember it was Pakistan and India’s match when I gave the admission test of IBA back in 2009. Reviving those memories overwhelms me to that extent that I can still feel the excitement all over again. Since I knew getting admission in IBA is not an easy job more like climbing a mountain of air, giving the test was a last minute decision.

When people asked me how was the admission test, I retorted back with ‘so easy’. I thought I had gone crazy but when I got to know I passed, it was a totally different feeling. Going through the whole procedure of admission, be it group discussions, interviews, all through this I had been flying on seventh heaven with happiness. I remember the people over there were very different, friendly ofcourse but so focused. The seniors were ever so helpful probably because my sister was in her last year there too, making her friends being just amazing to me.

The two months I spent there, I made some great friends. The memories are still vivid in my mind. The courses and over all study was a bit hectic for me, I couldn’t cope up thus I took a break, eventually I dropped out.

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Pieces Of Time part 3

“Hi Tanisha! How have you been?”, he said in his husky voice.

“I have been good”, she managed to utter out.

“Can we talk?”

“I have office right now”, she said with a slight frown.

“Being your boss’s son, I already asked her and she said you can have your day off.”, he said shrugging his shoulders.

She nodded her head as they started walking. A hundred thoughts were coming in her head, they were not letting her settle. He had surprised her by suddenly appearing in front of her. Even Fariha hadn’t even mentioned in their conversations that her son was returning back from the US.

“I feel like I owe you an explanation.” He said sounding a little apologetic.

“For what?”, she pretended to be strong although she could feel her heart beat in her neck.

“I know I shouldn’t have left like that without informing.”, he said, carefully choosing his words.

“Yes you left but the good thing is you’re back, I don’t need any explanations. You did what you thought was best”, she said staring directly in his eyes.

“T, you have no idea what that means. I’m just glad. So are we going to Leesay Café now or what?” He said, reminding her their usual hangout place.

“Nah that is not going to happen, actually I do have other things to do and I have a lot of pending work at office”, she said a white lie to save herself from breaking down.

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Pieces Of Time part 2

Her night had been dreamless. She woke up, stretching out her arms, not even bothering opening her eyes. She sat in her bed for a while reviewing her sleep. Tanisha Azeem usually had dangerous nightmares which made her wake up with a jolt and pour out tears of fear.

This night was odd, she thought.

Her roommate must have walked her to the bed which she vaguely remembered.

It was the first day of the week. She checked her watch, she was up early. Tanisha had a job as assistant to a major media personality. Her job was very exciting but she didn’t let it be. She just determined herself on doing everything according to her boss, Fariha Shah. Fariha had a very engaging personality. She was a family friend and had been kind to Tanisha.

When Fariha knew Tanisha was looking for a job, she was gracious enough to offer her. Tanisha knew she had to live up or rather cross the expectations which were set for her. She was confident but sometimes used to deter. Her life was rather complicated.

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Pieces Of Time part 1

It was raining, it had been constantly pouring since the last three days. She had been stuck in her apartment since then as the mere thought of heavy rain used to infuriate her. She stared out of the window, the gloomy weather did not match her style at all. She was the kind of woman who loved breathing in the sun, when the rays touched her soft skin, she would enjoy the glimmer, mesmerize herself in them. The downpour had completely ruined her mood. She walked around the apartment, thinking of cleaning up the place but that would be just out of her personality. She tossed that thought away.

She looked in the mirror in her hallway and saw a woman of no more than twenty-one and wondered about her journey since she was just a seventeen year old.

When she was a girl, all her hassles, dramas and issues were taken care of her by her parents but after she turned seventeen, she knew she had a life to build, a career to set. She moved over to the couch with a bottle of water in her hand and started remembering what it was really like to be the star and then coming down to bits, and then just be an ordinary human being.

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