Brutal Is The New Strategy – India, Are you Ready?

The Cricket World Cup 2015 is finally here. With only one day to go, the fans wait in anticipation for the matches to start which will declare the Top 8 teams that will be playing the quarter-finals. Pakistan did win the warm-up matches against Bangladesh and England on Monday and Wednesday respectively, shaking up the fans if Pakistan could actually repeat its 1992 victory.

I have kept my expectation zero until now since I haven’t even heard the names of almost half of the players on the team. One of my friends who’s a die-hard cricket fan even asked me if we should follow the World Cup or not because every move by the Pakistani team will hike our blood pressures.

As the days are coming closer to the spicy match with India on Sunday, I can hardly sit still. The Paksitani team might be nervous, but winning this match will give our team confidence and give it a boost to stand in the competition with poise for the next six weeks. Tendulkar will be missing from the Indian batting line-up which will be a huge advantage for us. Although the World Cup stats after the 1992 World Cup are slightly in favour of India, the spirit of each individual in Pakistan watching are sky high.

With eyes glued to the screen, Sunday may create new records for TV audiences all over the world if the match lives up to expectations. With advertising up to the roof, all major brands and labels promoting themselves by carrying out campaigns and ads related to the cricket World Cup thus their consumers remember them in each passing cricket moment to garner as much attention and profit as they can.

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IPL: I love you no more

The sixers and the fours have kept the audiences on the edge of their seats. The people are mesmerized by the shiny bright red uniforms and the blue passionate people with their instant reactions to countless flips of the bat. My personal favourite is always Rajhastan Royals but I can’t help but get excited about KKR aka Kolkata Knight Riders.

THE Players!

THE Players!

If we look back in the history of the first Indian Premiere League which was graced by our Pakistani players be it Sohail Tanvir or Shoaib Akhtar. They marked their place with their Punjabi slash fast bowlers and 6 out of 6 yorkers. If Shipla Shetty was reading this, she must be clear that the team RR is a great blessing for her. Shane Warne did his magic and left the world in awe of his brilliance. The way he spins the ball; leaving the batsman in a predicament of keeping their balance to decide their shot. Even Shane Watson has kept his cool during all the IPLs we have seen as yet.

Shane Warne: The Magic Man

Shane Warne: The Magic Man

It’s a second versus tick tock game and I love every minute of it AND here I raise the question of deciding if emotion and love will make the IPL work better than the previous IPLs. I would specifically like to talk about Virat Kohli over here.

VK has, I would say put his heart as he captains the RCB team. If you watch his closely, he kept his anger in control giving full support to Yuvraj Singh wherever possible. Virat has shown patience and determination which leads to the question to all those link ups we hear regarding all the players in IPL. One can only guess and ramble about the fact the why did Raina’s nephew tweet about Pakistan. Oh well, I will leave it to that. One just needs to “relax, because nothing is in control”.

-Leslie Chow

10 Things I Hate About You

Best friends go a long way!

What is a feeling if not described by beautiful words filled with wrath and dismay. The common man searches for a moment of sanity among all the confused bickering faces of new love bidding in the hearts of girls and men. The sudden change to be a perfectionist model slowly leaving the owner’s head of a thousand possibilities. If “everything” is helpful then why the sudden surge of gargling your mouth filled with the sour and bitter taste of human flesh.

The first thing which comes to your mind after opening those eyelids while breathing in the environment you forgot in your dreams is what will make your world work. Either you can be the claustrophobic manic screaming to get out OR be the subtle relaxed individual who smiles even at a minimum gain situation.

The 2 star situations are not new. Staring at the sky has been there since Lion King and Lion King 2. Imagining the past and future in the most dramatic way to kill the sound of a clock ticking in the most beautiful/horrific manner.

Kovu in Lion King 2

Kovu in Lion King 2

I leave my sentences unfinished to create a bubble which only games of titanic will understand. If the criss-crossness of a simple second in my watch couldn’t stop a jungle king from reaching his “whats it called” destiny then I’m part of that grain of sand or a single drop of water from the skies has made my intense intelligent persona as a safety net. For the glance of red, you first need a bit of navigation to the rest-stop facing you on the never ending road of popularity among the hills and speed-breakers.

So they keep saying, to be or not to be. The ideal space which I would turn the world for is “personal space”. Let’s elaborate on this, shall we?

Kovu goes all serious

Kovu goes all serious

Living a life of 2 into 5 equals 14, I have ample respect for the sudden reactions I receive when I say *shotgun*. The attitude does not matter. The abilities matter to that level that I know you know what you are and do not need constant reassurance. If I look back, each individual in my life has taught me a system. To live, to breath and here is the tricky one, “appreciate”. The ads, the movies, the frickin billboards teach you something meaningless and important at the same time. It depends on how you relate to them. If you’re not spending each “second” with the thirst of making the next “second” better then you’re going in reverse. And let me tell you that’s not a good combo.

A girl slash blossom told me you’re a prisoner of the soul.

My reaction? No comments.

Umru Ayar – The Awakening: What is it all about

Excited as ever to meet JC (Ramish Safa) and Sufi (Nofal Khan), the people who have raised the intensity of love for comics in Pakistanis, the makers of history, I knew I would be gruesomely awestruck in their presence. It wasn’t a surprise when I learned that the people at Kachee Goliyan (yes their team has grown) were launching the first of its kind comic book featuring Umru Ayar. The launch in Karachi took place at T2F where I could see people from all ages coming to witness how do the people with a creative mind look like, what are their ideas and perceptions, interacting with them to just get the feel of what their mindset is and learning from them.

Umru Ayar

Umru Ayar

The launch started off with Ramish, Nofal and their team introducing how Kachee Goliyan was born and how it has helped them grow intellectually. The launch went ahead where they explained how Umru was going to be the ‘desi’ superhero and how they want to change his image through their comics. Instead of having a cunning feel, he will be shown to be wiser in the upcoming comics. A question which was asked was will the stories in the comics be taken from the original or Umru Ayar will be having new adventures and experiences. Ramish responded by saying that it will be entirely new, the stories of Umru will be leaving an impact and will be different from the original.

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Studying and experiencing life at the three most prestigious universities

I remember it was Pakistan and India’s match when I gave the admission test of IBA back in 2009. Reviving those memories overwhelms me to that extent that I can still feel the excitement all over again. Since I knew getting admission in IBA is not an easy job more like climbing a mountain of air, giving the test was a last minute decision.

When people asked me how was the admission test, I retorted back with ‘so easy’. I thought I had gone crazy but when I got to know I passed, it was a totally different feeling. Going through the whole procedure of admission, be it group discussions, interviews, all through this I had been flying on seventh heaven with happiness. I remember the people over there were very different, friendly ofcourse but so focused. The seniors were ever so helpful probably because my sister was in her last year there too, making her friends being just amazing to me.

The two months I spent there, I made some great friends. The memories are still vivid in my mind. The courses and over all study was a bit hectic for me, I couldn’t cope up thus I took a break, eventually I dropped out.

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Pieces Of Time part 3

“Hi Tanisha! How have you been?”, he said in his husky voice.

“I have been good”, she managed to utter out.

“Can we talk?”

“I have office right now”, she said with a slight frown.

“Being your boss’s son, I already asked her and she said you can have your day off.”, he said shrugging his shoulders.

She nodded her head as they started walking. A hundred thoughts were coming in her head, they were not letting her settle. He had surprised her by suddenly appearing in front of her. Even Fariha hadn’t even mentioned in their conversations that her son was returning back from the US.

“I feel like I owe you an explanation.” He said sounding a little apologetic.

“For what?”, she pretended to be strong although she could feel her heart beat in her neck.

“I know I shouldn’t have left like that without informing.”, he said, carefully choosing his words.

“Yes you left but the good thing is you’re back, I don’t need any explanations. You did what you thought was best”, she said staring directly in his eyes.

“T, you have no idea what that means. I’m just glad. So are we going to Leesay Café now or what?” He said, reminding her their usual hangout place.

“Nah that is not going to happen, actually I do have other things to do and I have a lot of pending work at office”, she said a white lie to save herself from breaking down.

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Pakistan Blog Awards: From A Blogger’s View

Attending Pakistan Blog Awards was an honour, a prestige for me, a huge opportunity to meet and greet the blogging world. It was an experience beyond measure since it was my first time being present at such an event!

I was so nervous I could hear my heart beating in my head, but I never thought of winning I just wanted to capture and remember each and every moment in my mind.

Wearing three inch heels with a pink dress and heavy clad earrings, I thought that’s formal enough but when I entered the hall I noticed people were too casual wearing jeans. I just ignored that fact and moved to enjoy!

Action begins!

The hostess of the night was Rabia Gharib who at every point kept the audience alive, asking the Sindhi folk band to play and keep the theme going which was ‘Colors of Pakistan: Celebrating the New Media Spaces’.

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