The Rotation Story


The Rotation Story is an exercise we did in our Advanced English Composition class. We had to pass our notebooks in an orderly manner and everyone had to write a little bit in the story. Almost all of my classmates wrote in it. I edited it a bit. Check.

The leftovers are stuffed into the one tiny refrigerator, sauces dripping from hastily closed lid of plastic containers. Utensils have been placed mistakenly in the wrong drawers, the furniture which was moved around stays so and soon enough the whitest wall has smeared on it the enthusiasm of the happiest guest. The toilet, now clogged, needs attention. Soon enough, repairs begin; the brand new beginning not so new anymore needs to be stitched up and fixed.

The promises that were once made with such devotion were now being broken at a fast pace. Salar had been trying hard to make things work between him and his girlfriend of seven years. It was never enough to fulfill her expectations. Salar was a painter and Christina worked in a multinational company. Their relationship was hanging by a thread, a thread that could break any second and no matter how many knots Salar tried to make in that thread, to make it stand against the rough for just a little longer, the fate of the thread was inevitable. Christina believed that surviving seven years with Salar was a punishment. Everything he said or did was an accolade of mockery. His ego was unbreakable and Christina couldn’t handle that. She was an independent executive; loved being told what to do at work but in her private life, she liked to dominate. She wanted to tell Salar what she wants from life and the directions on how to achieve it. Salar was never a good listener. The same thing happened on the night of 21st March. Some friends were over for a movie. A conversation started casually grew into an intense one. Two of the friends who were in a relationship started to argue about a nominal issue which grew into something so big that somehow Christina and Salar got involved in the huge mess too. That day, Christina decided that such miscommunication is intolerable. She couldn’t find a way to make it work. Christina made up her mind to breakup with him. After gathering all of her courage, she told Salar that he needs to move out.


Then Christina saw the monster he was. He tightly grabbed her wrist and threw her on the ground. How could she end everything this way. Salar was always patient with her, listened to all her impossible demands, tried to live a life she wanted for them. Wasn’t that enough for her. Salar was deeply hurt. Suddenly he felt rage rising inside him. The anger in his eyes was something she couldn’t look at. She couldn’t speak with fear. She wanted to run away from all the hope she had pinned onto Salar, all the time she wasted on creating a life out of what they had between them. She wiped her tears and decided to stand, stand for herself, her decisions and her beliefs. She kicked him on the knee which caught him off guard. It got her enough time to run away from him. She ran down the lane with her feet almost refusing to stop at any bump. She dashed across into the next lane without looking back. She was broken with disappointment. She felt exposed; she had let Salar inside the wall she had built for everyone. She felt as if she was falling in a bottomless pit. As far as her sight could take her, she saw a police mobile a hundred yards away so she ran towards it. Christina waved her hands to get their attention. The police car came towards her and stopped with a screech. She climbed in, feeling a lot safer.

The events of the day screamed nothing but madness but she was safe now. Looking around the police car she tried to catch one reassuring smile that would tell her it was all over but little did she know that the real danger had just begun.

evil smile

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