Life does not have a happy ending..?

Story, really?

Story, really?

My story is about a girl and a boy, Hailey and Nimbko. Both of them had a significant relationship with each other for a period of time and then a mutual breakup. Hailey joins the workplace of her ex-boyfriend, Nimbko to start things up again. What she forgot to realize is that he had a huge ego and was ill-mannered since the beginning. Nimbko starts harassing her at work. He makes a group with a leader who is very rude and a kind of a thug. Hailey goes to her dad, explains that she wants the guy to be taught a lesson. Dad says okay. Meanwhile she asks her really cool friend to teach her how to do next level insults. Hailey was sick of being insulted more then enough times as Nimbko acts like she was just a toy to play with. There are a few group face offs where Hailey’s group and Nimbko’s group have a showdown. The leader is very stubborn and gets his way. Meanwhile Hailey then sees her dad’s plan getting in action. Her dad is rich, wise and does whatever his daughter asks her to do. One day Hailey is going to a wedding, the leader stops the car in the middle of the road and starts harassing with a knife. He threatens to kill all of Hailey’s loved ones. He tries to stab her sister. Hailey feels helpless and then finds herself stabbing the group leader. She stabs the leader right in the head. She never realized she had so much anger and hatred in her. She feels shocked. She cries. That’s what her dad’s plan was after all. Her dad wanted her to feel at peace for all her life and not live in any kind of pressure. He saw her getting dull and couldn’t watch her that way. Her dad was her savior after all. She isn’t able to forgive herself for taking a life.

The end.

This exact story came in my dream. When I woke up I found tears in my eyes. The “group leader” in my story I suppose is the famous AH we dislike. Gosh I can’t believe it has come to this.


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