Umru Ayar – The Awakening: What is it all about

Excited as ever to meet JC (Ramish Safa) and Sufi (Nofal Khan), the people who have raised the intensity of love for comics in Pakistanis, the makers of history, I knew I would be gruesomely awestruck in their presence. It wasn’t a surprise when I learned that the people at Kachee Goliyan (yes their team has grown) were launching the first of its kind comic book featuring Umru Ayar. The launch in Karachi took place at T2F where I could see people from all ages coming to witness how do the people with a creative mind look like, what are their ideas and perceptions, interacting with them to just get the feel of what their mindset is and learning from them.

Umru Ayar

Umru Ayar

The launch started off with Ramish, Nofal and their team introducing how Kachee Goliyan was born and how it has helped them grow intellectually. The launch went ahead where they explained how Umru was going to be the ‘desi’ superhero and how they want to change his image through their comics. Instead of having a cunning feel, he will be shown to be wiser in the upcoming comics. A question which was asked was will the stories in the comics be taken from the original or Umru Ayar will be having new adventures and experiences. Ramish responded by saying that it will be entirely new, the stories of Umru will be leaving an impact and will be different from the original.

I realized that the zambeel of Umru Ayar that is the backpack which gave everything Umru wanted is his trademark wasn’t featured in the first issue but we were promised by the KG boys that it will be introduced soon.

The comic is released in both Urdu and English. By making the comic book in Urdu, it’s now all the more interesting to the people who have a genuine love for the Urdu language.

The logo captured my attention. It was stylized with the right colors and design. As an avid comic reader, there were a few things I noticed which made my appeal to read the comic a little less. Firstly, the stories in the boxes were all over the page, it would have been better if all of it was at the top or at the bottom. I understand it was the first issue and the stories can be long but it left me puzzled while reading. If you’re defining the color yellow for the story, I can see the boxes turning to white in the later pages. This is confusing. On the other hand, I could see the words coming out of the speech bubble which was leaving me perplexed. I didn’t know how the panels were moving, left to right and then down or the other way round. The overall theme was interesting but I didn’t understand why the hard cover that is in the end was featuring the story.

Umru Ayar - The Awakening

Umru Ayar – The Awakening

The KG boys have been remarkable and I have no place to tell them of how they could be better as they have more experience than me in their field. My view was from a concerned reader who wants them to succeed and grow as the time goes. This is what I got from reading the comic.
Umru Ayar the comic book is a pioneer in Pakistan and the KG team have been just beautiful in what they do. All the best!


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