Show others how strong you are!

Be strong as a lion!

Be strong as a lion

As the moments pass me by I have no option but to get stronger and learn from them. Yeah I have my life where I study and make amends with whatever is happening around me good or bad but the thing is it’s not really what I had imagined it would be. Recently I was going through a lawn magazine which had heavy work all over the lawn dresses. The type you wear in weddings and the models were working them. Just as I was about to get attached and beg my mum to buy me one my mom went like “These are so impractical. How can one wear such dresses which scream social suicide” oh okay I may have exaggerated it a bit but that’s what she meant I’m sure. So what I learned from this little incident was that that whatever perception you make about anything is largely influenced by outside factors. Influenced to a level where your own thought processes are altered. In a completely different world, there are some situations where you want someone to say what you want to hear. Example: when someone says to me you look so thin in black no seriously where are you can’t see you girl. and I blush and reply with awww.

If I’m not wrong when you’re resting somewhere maybe the bed or a couch staring at the ceiling above thinking about the future, you always think of alternatives, the “what ifs”. Thinking stuff like what you wanted to become and what you are now. It’s always a hassle especially when you have to explain it to someone. Here’s me talking to an aunty trying to explain what I’ve been doing with my life so far! “No it’s media sciences. Yes it’s a new field. No we won’t dissect any celebrities aunty. Yes we learn how all the mediums of media work the whole process.” I start to speak more but then the lady has walked away already while giving away deathly expressions to me and I scream out “aunty mai aapko ek din heroine banaon gi!! (I will make you a star one day)” oh well she didn’t really understand and my face was least bothered to care.
When I think about it the best gift you can give yourself is the gift of trust. If you believe in yourself and plan things according to how much potential you have, you will never fail.
Sometimes you have to show others how strong you are. and no not because they want you to but because for your own contentment. sometimes what you feel inside needs to be showcased for your own satisfaction. One can build a wall around them and put up a board of no admittance but in the long run it will not be beneficial but rather a loss of memories and moments. While some people are not important in your life but quite a few of them will always leave an impact. You need to learn how to respect their presence in your lives. Appreciating what they have taught you is always a good idea.
For what it’s worth, sometimes your hopes and dreams are shot down but one should never give up although you do feel like throwing a brick at all your problems and worries. Who knows the aunty may take up on my offer after some time. Stay positive.


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