Studying and experiencing life at the three most prestigious universities

I remember it was Pakistan and India’s match when I gave the admission test of IBA back in 2009. Reviving those memories overwhelms me to that extent that I can still feel the excitement all over again. Since I knew getting admission in IBA is not an easy job more like climbing a mountain of air, giving the test was a last minute decision.

When people asked me how was the admission test, I retorted back with ‘so easy’. I thought I had gone crazy but when I got to know I passed, it was a totally different feeling. Going through the whole procedure of admission, be it group discussions, interviews, all through this I had been flying on seventh heaven with happiness. I remember the people over there were very different, friendly ofcourse but so focused. The seniors were ever so helpful probably because my sister was in her last year there too, making her friends being just amazing to me.

The two months I spent there, I made some great friends. The memories are still vivid in my mind. The courses and over all study was a bit hectic for me, I couldn’t cope up thus I took a break, eventually I dropped out.

In 2010, I got admission in CBM and what an amazing ride that was. Getting admission there was also not easy, but I managed with the help of so many people. I spent two semesters there but my A levels grade were not getting accepted thus I dropped out from there too. The people, the environment and the buildings were so attractive I was completely in awe. The crowd was so different from IBA. The students were a bit relaxed comparatively. CBM has played such an important role in my life, giving me so much which I can take with me. I learned that experiencing cold breezes with friends and cups of tea and music playing in the background while updating statuses on Facebook would make me so glad. I never realized the outings, the breakfasts at boat basin and not paying would be so fun.

Currently in 2012, I’m studying in SZABIST, optimistically being the university which I will graduate from.

SZABIST makes me realize so many things. The people are a new kind of different. I can be myself around them without feeling any obligation to be prefect. The accept you, they are original. The people I have met here are of that kind that one imagines a friend to be, reliable, kind, sexy and stylish. I’m ever so thankful to have met them, they have been my stars, my heroes and ofcourse my friends.

It’s said that people who learn from others experiences are more intelligent. I would say my experiences have changed my life, given me lessons which no one can teach me, has given me the edge.

Throughout all of this I have grown and learned so much and the most important lesson I have learned ‘time nahi hai’ (Don’t waste time). This single sentence has changed my life. While cracking jokes, making fun of our friends, studying, one should never dread over something that has already been done. Never regret anything and never ponder over things. Stop over-thinking and anything which gives trouble, one need to just change their focus. I have seen a better me a strong me and stood up to be a stronger and more focused individual. I’m content with how my life has given so much and I’m learning every day, every moment.



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