Usain Bolt proves to be The Sprint King in the Olympics

Reaching your full potential is one of the best traits you can have, but surpassing that potential and performing out of your capacity is better then best, it’s extraordinary. Usain Bolt also known as Lightening Bolt has proved that he is the man who has created history. He has amazed us once again by winning gold in the 100m and 200m at the London Olympics since he previously won gold at both these races at the last Olympics as well which were held in Beijing, winning in two Olympics held consecutively.

The way Bolt craves attention, and how he gets the attention is very attractive. Bolt has showed the world that confidence comes with practice. He has shown that sports do not need luck but only hard work. He seems to be a decent and modest man, with goals sky high.

Being Jamaican, he was a supporter of the Pakistani cricket team in his childhood, Waqar Younis being his favorite bowler.

Usain Bolt has truly shown everyone how if you have the right motivation and abilities, you can be successful. Starting his career as a sprinter at an early age of 16, he has won numerous silver and gold medals in various championships.

It seems that Bolt loves how supporting and loving the world has been to him. It’s an honor to be that fast.

People like Usain Bolt are inspiring to the core. People like him have opened doors for many who are visioning themselves to be like him. He has proved himself to be a legend.  Watching him run so fast left me, actually I’m sure everyone in awe.

I hope we get to see him in the next Olympics sprinting faster then ever, breaking his previous records. He has been consistent which is always good to see. I’m waiting for his next race where he will make the world awestruck once again, leaving us enthralled.

Image courtesy: Google


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