London Olympics 2012: The Real Deal

I have grown up watching the Olympics, cherishing every moment. This time being held in London, it is so exciting. Olympics have forever been a unique part of my life. I remember how my sister and I used to watch with our eyes glued to the screen, from diving to swimming to synchronized swimming to gymnastics. All of these sports have a special place in my heart. Apart from being beautiful to watch, the passion seen in the athletes’ eyes leaves you in fascination. One can not even imagine the hard work, the strength put in by those who are taking part in the Olympics.

Olympics: Pakistan hold Spain to 1-1 draw

Pakistan is also taking part which is a very proud moment for all of us. Pakistan has won gold in Hockey in the years 1968 and 1984. How amazing it would have been, people watching live and at homes would have been ecstatic, happy and just so proud.

Watching Pakistan’s hockey match with Spain yesterday only was anticipating, I felt really nervous as Olympics truly do affect our lives to the core.

There are other sports which can not be ignored, such as weightlifting, archery, athletics, tennis, table-tennis, badminton and more. They have been shocking to watch, athletes who have trained their whole lives having just a few moments to prove their whole reason to be there.

Yuliya Kalina of Ukraine celebrates a good lift in Women’s 58kg weightlifting competition

Coming back to Hockey, when I asked the elders, they were quite reluctant to say that Pakistan may have a chance. Pakistan hasn’t taken the sport seriously, if only it had won the competitions held within the continent, it would have had a chance to win in Olympics. It takes years to make a team, people dedicate their lives for Olympics, and the other teams may comparatively have a better chance. Teams from the whole world are participating, giving furious competition to us. I do not want to burst the bubble of millions of hopefuls who are rooting for Pakistan, but if one keeps the reality in mind I’m sure the let down will be easier.

I support Pakistan with all my might, but if I keep my hopes sky high, I’m just disappointed in the end. Thus, I won’t be in imaginations this time and keep a reality check on myself.

Michael Phelps

As exciting as it is, I wish all the athletes in high spirits best of luck. They are making their countries proud, achieving something which is a just dream to most, proving their self to the world which is just incredible.


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