The Importance of a Samosa in Ramadan

As always the holy and blessed month of Ramadan is here. It was only yesterday I was talking to my sisters how exciting it is and here we are with the 4th fast upon us so quickly.  Most people and by that I mean, girls, have done their shopping already which is good avoiding rush at the last hour.

The fact that we should pray during our fast is necessary or else it’s just dieting for all you know.

I just realized I should stick to the topic.

Including all the past Ramadans and my days as a ‘rozedaar’ I have realized how important a samosa is in my life.

1. It got me closer to my friends.

Sharing and eating from the same plate, a samosa, which holds so many memories, I have come to know how they bring a smile to our faces. The constant riot we created with a samosa in our hand, it is just unforgettable.

2. I distributed it as iftari at a mosque.

The inner bliss you feel after distributing iftari at a mosque is truly a different feeling. When people give you a smile, one can only be grateful to Allah for his uncountable blessings on us.

3. I helped my mom make it.

Annoying my mother to help me make them used to be really funny and serious at the same time. Making a mess while eating half of the stuff which is put in the samosa, it used to be entertaining to the fullest.

4. Only one samosa is enough for the day.

Too many may not let you move, since they are deep fried. Having them on an empty stomach does feel satisfactory but one should avoid having loads of them. One is actually enough I suppose, no matter how tempting it may be.

5.  It got me in trouble with my sisters.

Arguing over who will get the biggest one was one actually one of the best games we played. I won. Mostly.

I have a smile on my face with happiness as I realize these memories will remain and how new memories will be created as the days come in this Ramadan. Wish you all a Happy Ramadan!


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