The Elite and Burger Generation of Today

There are many types of people in Pakistan including those we call mummy daddy bachay (kids) know as ‘burger’, serious boring type as well as clingy people.

How do you define a ‘Burger’? In Pakistan, a burger is someone who has the ability to make up their own accents which are not British, American or even French. They invent their own fake accents I would call Burrgaran.

Burgers have their own style be it hair cut such as bangs for girls and bedhead hairstyle for boys.

Using words like ‘oh em gee’ and ‘el oh el’, they have destroyed the English language.

The children and youth of today have increasingly become more and more over-confident, dependent and angry. With a few exceptions, I would say today’s generation is too privileged to even move, just put up their finger to give out orders and then hire a maid to press that finger which was used to give orders.

I have been looking at youngsters and have realized how they have been given so much freedom, liberty and choice. Keeping a small group aside, I would say most of this generation doesn’t even read, be it newspapers, books or even course work.

Life is comparatively easier for them. I do realize they have their own set of problems which have come as society has changed but with so many distractions around them, children and teenagers have become impatient, lost manners and have become ignorant.

The one thing this generation needs is respecting their elders. I see children screaming at their parents, hitting them, being abusive which is very wrong. I don’t know if it’s the strong media which is affecting the minds of the young or the lack of restrictions set by parents but the young minds are being violated with trash.

This generation needs to try doing things with stability as in not to be extremists in any situation but balance everything with ease.

Not relying on ‘Mummy’, ‘Daddy’ or hired help, they need to be strong to handle any kind of circumstances. They shouldn’t be kept in a protected environment where everything is spoon-fed but should face the issues and problems of the world.

Changes are good only if they provide a positive impact to your life. The young minds to change their frame of thinking and that’s how they will improve.


One thought on “The Elite and Burger Generation of Today

  1. Rai M Azlan says:

    you picked up an interesting topic. i agree most of the points like the world around in the name of globalization we have accepted ammericanization and that has created a clash of the civilizations. there was a time when living simple life was a common trait in our country now this burger trend is taking on almost every aspect of life in the lame struggle to be cool we are doing some really “uncool” stuff to the society.


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