Bushra Ansari is flawless in Bilqees Kaur

The excitement and hype created by Humsafar is still etched in people’s minds. What got us all Humsafar-ing was the dramatic aura, the flawless performances, the impeccable storyline, the mesmerizing star power and uncountable memorable scenes. Will Bilqees Kaur be up to the expectations and will it have all the drama to get the audience glued to the screen?

Bilqees Kaur is actually the name of the woman played by Bushra Ansari. This drama also stars Syra Yousuf, Ahsan Khan, Sadia Imam, Saleem Sheikh and others.

Bilqees Kaur is a drama which talks about how a Sikh woman runs away from home with a Muslim man, settling in America having four children. How those children rebel against her, who are half Punjabi and half American, the problems she faces from her daughter-in-laws. It’s a complete twist of tales.

Bilqees Kaur features the ever so stylish and talented Bushra Ansari. She has been brilliant throughout her career. Bushra Ansari always grabs the essence of the character whenever she performs, be it in the drama Bijli, or Dolly Ki Aye Gi Baraat and now Bilqees Kaur. When Bushra Ansari performs, she completely absorbs herself, it seems like her own personality is lost and she has adapted a new character with total ease.

In Bilqees Kaur, I can not even imagine anyone else playing the character except Bushra Ansari. The way she has moulded herself, her Punjabi accent is so strong and fluent that it looks very natural. Looking at her, I actually believe she is the Sikh woman from Punjab, who has run away from home ruining her parents respect. The modern Bushra Ansari who appears in talk shows is so different, while Bilqees Kaur is a tough and simple woman, who admits her mistakes and regrets what she has done in her past.

Sadia Imam (Peno) is shown to be a suppressed character, who is pressured a lot by her mother-in-law, Bilqees Kaur. She once used to be a girl with dreams and hopes but now she is a woman with a shattered heart. Her husband doesn’t support her at all, she is just living her life as it comes without any expectations.

From the beginning of her career, Sadia Imam has been performing very well. A while back, we didn’t see her much on screen but this drama has revived her acting talent.

Syra Yousuf (Soha) and Ahsan Khan (Sultan) are doing a good job overall. They look nice together although there is zero chemistry.

Bilqees Kaur is a lively but a serious drama, very different from the dramas which have love stories and romance, looks real, practical and shows experiences of life.

Looking forward to how it ends, I’m sure it will be shocking as well as realistic.

It airs on Sunday at 8 pm PST.


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