Review: Coke Studio Season 5 (Episode 2)

When someone says Coke Studio my eyes light up. Studying a few things about it a bit closely I learned that Coke Studio has had a good advantage of the technique word-of-mouth. It has gained a lot of support by marketing the right way but the real difficulty I face and most of you would that why not maintaining the standard it had put in front of us earlier?

What’s different this time in the season 5 of Coke Studio? I have heard the songs of episode 2 and well I have mixed feelings. There I am thinking I will be mesmerized by all the songs and how I have been let down quite a bit.

Larho Mujhey – Bilal Khan

Bilal Khan has one of those ‘being burger’ traumas. I thought studying in LUMS would give him an edge over having class and style but he has failed to be. He has proved that by keeping the song title ‘slang’. I really don’t believe giving so much attention to him has resulted in anything good. This song will be just ‘loved’ and ‘<3’ by the girls. Seriously I do not find anything special. The vocals are very mediocre, although I like the beat and overall feel of the song, I still do not approve Bilal Khan’s existence in the music world. Most of the time he looks bored as if he is being forced in the spotlight.

Ishq Aap Bhe Awalla – Chakwal Group and Meesha Shafi

Meesha Shafi with her utter brilliance of performing so good that you don’t even notice her until you see her bright red dagger of a lipstick (the only thing in plain sight) since her vocals weren’t even noticeable. She tries very hard to be ‘into’ the song by making weird bird-like hand gestures, expressions which look like she learned from an old Mithun Chakarboty movie, no offense but looks like she just performed for the attention.  Otherwise, no one would have heard the Chakwal Group if they performed alone.
The Chakwal Group is not even in tune. One is singing on one note while another is singing completely different. Although it’s good that they have kept their tradition alive, they have taken it along with them. These groups are quite popular in Punjabi weddings, where they sing for the future bride and groom, saying good things and prayers.

Khabaram Raseeda – Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad

Both the singers along with their backup singers have done a remarkable job. I seriously respect this song. The song maybe of 16 minutes but it really made me want to listen to it again and again. The overall feel of the singers, their voice is just marvelous. This song really jogged up the soul and mind. An outstanding performance. Brilliant.

Pere Pavandi Saan – Mithu Tahir

The singer has really put an effort in making the song last in people’s memories. You may have heard it before and now the song is a better version with beats. It’s a good song!

Rabba Sacheya -Atif Aslam

The song is beautifully sung and performed. Atif has done a remarkable job. The striking lyrics have made the song deep and full of meaning. I’m not an Atif fan and I believe he is only being given importance because he got attention in India, no one even noticed him before when he used to perform here. He can be annoying at times but this song has been one of the few milestones he has achieved in his life.

Let’s not forget there are 3 episodes left, hoping they leave a lasting impact.

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