How to become experienced by learning from others

“There are those who learn from their own experiences while successful people learn from other’s experiences.”

This is a quote I have been hearing for a long time. My friends tell me horror stories about incidents which happened with people to keep me on full alert if something similar happens to me so I would know what to do and how to react.

  • The most essential and the first thing to have if you want to learn from others is the habit of listening. Even if you’re asking questions, let the other person complete their answers before you move to another question. If you really want to know and learn, always listen attentively and patiently.

Recently only I was telling more like updating a friend the happenings and activities in my life upon his asking. I kept talking and talking. I told him about the type of issues I write on. He listened with a lot of interest and concern. The kind of feedback he was giving me was from a very established frame of thinking. I thought I would leave him in awe telling him the gossips but as it turned out he left me in bewilderment.

What I learned from this meeting is if someone genuinely asks a question, always leave them content, providing all the information. When you are done, now it’s your turn to listen to them.

  • Always be around positive people, you never know they will give you a good advice which stays with you for life.

Experienced people are not always elders, they can be of same age or even younger. You learn from everyone, do not exclude someone merely on the basis of age.

My 6-year- old cousin taught me to how to use and play with Bay Blade. It’s one of the best ways to spend your time, hold competitions and make friends. This is what a young child taught me.

  • Keep your mind open to new ideas. Sometimes you follow the custom and traditional ways of handling problems occurred, but if someone is giving a different solution, you should ways appreciate their views. Always welcome feedback since someone may provide you a point to ponder over.

As you grow and learn, the experiences from your decisions will make or break your personality. So keep in mind to keep everything right and positive.


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