9 hours Twitter Blackout in Pakistan

Discussions had been going on a day earlier whether Twitter would really be banned or were they just warnings?

I had woken up on the aggravated day of 20th May, trying to access Twitter to vent and what not. I thought something was wrong with my phone or I was daydreaming because the timeline wasn’t refreshing. Basically Twitter was unreachable. I quickly messaged a friend via Facebook saying my worst fear, seeing it turn it into reality that is was twitter really blocked? A kind soul she is who told me ways to get to it, allowing me to tweet like a gangster when there was actually a #TwitterBan in Pakistan.

Twitter was banned yesterday for no more than 9 hours and I would like to ask why? Did it really bring an outcome? What kind of a point was trying to be proved? People were still able to tweet and making trends like #UnblockTwitterInPakistan.

The reactions were mixed. Some thought it was outrageous to put a stop to the voice of youth. While some were glad that now my daughter/son will finally spend some time with us.

Some thought it was boring. Alayna* said “Atleast share your stuff on Facebook, over there people know you and would care on the other hand Twitter is full of strangers”

Akbar* said “Why do you have to tweet that I yawned, I woke up, I stretched, I got up, I sat down, I got up again. It’s bizarre!!”

People are laughing and verbally abusing on Twitter like its nothing. Twitter is being misused.

To think rationally, when Twitter got banned people were protesting and chaos was happening all over, why don’t they protest when the price of petrol gets hiked? So I’ve been told to think a little less emotionally. Twitter is just providing us a way to pass time, it has not yet proved anything good happening to Pakistan’s youth. Twitter should be used correctly. Raise your voice for something good, you are raising your voice to save Twitter but don’t care about ongoing issues in our country?

I used to be a Twitter #addict, still am sometimes. I just want to point out that Twitter has been given such importance. I never thought news channels would be reporting the banning and unbanning.

Some people even said that this Twitter ban has united us, well, if we could be united in other things like charity, being humble, saving lives, and promoting good things about Pakistan.

*Names changed for privacy.


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