Media diversion from Spot Fixing in IPL to Shahrukh Khan

Shots went out of the park, wickets flew in the air and entertainment to the fullest, I’m talking about IPL that is Indian Premier League. It started with a bang with its first season when Lalit Modi was in charge. He really did bring a creative idea to the table claiming respect from all over the world. IPL is a franchise which allows cricket players from all over the world to play with their fellow cricketers from different countries combined in a team.  I had followed the first season very closely since it featured our Pakistani players. I had supported Rajasthan Royals from the beginning and they had won.

Recently 5 players from the IPL were caught spot fixing. Those players were caught in a TV sting in which they claimed that they were paid more money in black compared to the contracted amount. As shocking as it was and how the spot fixing issue in Pakistan was made into SUCH a hype, Indian Media did a clever tactic by giving heat to the Shahrukh Khan controversy. Shahrukh has been run down with allegations that he misbehaved with a fan and pushed a security guard and abused. He was also said to be drunk. Shahrukh Khan has been banned from the Wenkhede stadium for 5 years. We do not know if these accusations are true but this ‘issue’ is given far more importance then the spot fixing issue. There was no announcement whatsoever which would tell us the if the players are getting punished or banned.

An Australian player misbehaved with a women and abused her fiancé in a five star hotel in India. This news as well was given a bigger fraction of the news bulletin on our Pakistani channels.

Is this really fair by media to promote those things which have no relevance? Only making a big deal about those reports which will distract us from the real question. Why is the news about spot fixing in IPL suppressed? This matter needs to be addressed and I wonder how cleverly media especially the Indian Media gave extra importance to that piece of information which doesn’t even have a point to exist.

Shahrukh Khan with the bash with Salman Khan, a physical fight with Shirish Kunder, the claimed affair with Priyanka Chopra and now the nonstop IPL controversies. Shahrukh, we get the point you want attention so that we may give your movies a good rating, we like you but behave yourself.

The spot fixing issue needs to be pulled back to thought and why is it being unfair with Pakistan? Something to think about.

Image courtesy: from the internet.


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