Coke Studio, have you heard it yet?

If I was told 10 years ago something like Coke Studio was going to emerge, I would have never believed it. Since the progress of ideas and innovations, Pakistan and its music industry has truly been extraordinary. Coke Studio is providing a platform for all those talents, promoting their each individual style of performance, making them stars in just moments.

For all those who aren’t aware of what a gift to music lovers Coke Studio is, it’s a show which has popular as well as new singers, drummers, guitarists and so many types of artists which really need to be applauded for providing hardcore music fans of different genres songs which have substance.  The visual experience makes the whole package worthwhile!

In Pakistan, there are so many languages and cultures, when someone sings a song such as Pashto, Sindhi or Baluchi, the words used are so common and good to hear that one thoroughly enjoys the songs. The whole atmosphere is created and you are entertained to the fullest. Coke Studio has truly done that.

Season 5 episode 1, released yesterday only, developing a massive interest in youngsters includes quite a few special songs. This episode featured artists like Atif Aslam, Bohemia, Hadiqa Kiani and others.

I was expecting a lot from the song Charkha Nolakha by Atif Aslam and Qayaas and how it crossed my expectations. The lyrics which are in Punjabi are ever so beautiful and are written with genuine feelings. The singer from Qayaas has a deep, chiseled voice and is a treat for the eyes. Atif Aslam has done an impressive job. A bit which I could extract from

Aja Har Charkhe De Gere
Translation: Come with every turn of the wheel
Mein Tenu Yaad Kardi..
Translation: I yearn for you
Jiyon Tere Pyar Mein Karu Intezar Main Kisi Se Kaha Jaye Naaaaaa
Translation: Live in your love I wait for you, cannot tell anyone
Jalon Tere Pyar Main Karon Intizar Main
Translation: Burning in your love I wait for you
Kisi Se Kaha Jaye Naaa
Translation: Cannot tell anyone

Mera Eh Charkha Noulakha Kure….
Translation: This spindle of mine is priceless

Another song which caught my interest, Paisay Da Nasha by Bohemia.  If you hear it for the first time you will think it’s a rap-serious song, believe me it is. According to the song, a man is only valuable when he has left and is no more. I love the whole concept of talking about your personal experiences and crafting them in a song. Thumbs up to Bohemia for saying the right things and meaning them.

So because of the song name and the popularity of Hadiqa Kiani, I specially listened to Kamlee. It is a fine effort by her, her voice is always pleasing to the ears. I like how electric guitar and drums are playing in the background as she sings a Punjabi song. If you understand proper Punjabi, the lyrics are asking questions, shaking up your thoughts.

The Pashto song Larsha Pekhawar Ta by Hamayoon Khan is a very charming song. I’ll call it a ‘meetha’ song. In this song, a girl is asking her loved one to bring her back a black kameez and fresh flowers from Peshawar which leaves you thinking about the girl’s innocence. The singer not only has done a good job but has satisfied the song’s potential.

If it’s on Coke Studio, it should be worth listening. Tum Kaho by SYMT is tolerable. I would listen to it twice maybe. It’s a nice effort, I do not want to dissect it by saying bad things about it. Just that it wasn’t up to the standard of Coke Studio.

The experience of the first episode was worth it, but can not wait for the future episodes. I’m sure they will be mesmerizing and the songs will be on repeat on my playlist!


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