Top 6 Reasons You Are Having Exams

It’s the season of exams. As I see my little sisters going through the pain of studying I feel happy for them. They work towards getting excellent grades, learning the art of hard work and the techniques of studying right.

Students learn a lot from this phase of their life. They know how to divide their time in studying, breaks, revision to that extent that a single disturbance may result in time wastage.

The worst thing during this time is when you’re giving up your life achieving your dreams and still there is pressure to get better from family. Some parents understand the situation since they realize that their children know from right and wrong. Their children know that an educated mind is a successful mind. While on the other hand, cousins, relatives AND parents pressure you to get into prestigious universities. Not allowing sleep just sitting on the chair facing the table and studying continuously.

Here are the following symptoms basically warnings which will let you know a person is giving their serious exams so that you may stay away!

1. Their face has an attitude problem.

When you meet them in normal days, you will see them laughing, cracking jokes but months before the exam, you try to talk to them and I seriously tell you they will shoot you down insulting your whatever leftover ego. They talk less and when you approach them talking on anything except the subjects they are giving, they get irritated.

2. They want you to constantly appreciate them.

Believe me, I have gone through this and when I’m studying I constantly need to be told good things about me. This is the same thing with a lot of other people I have observed. They want to hear good and positive things to keep them motivated which is very effective.

3. They have impossible demands.

“Mom I don’t care if it’s 3 in the morning I want pizza now”. They tell you impossible needs and wants if you don’t listen they get in a crappy mood blackmailing that their grades will be affected, so you can’t do anything except get up from your cozy bed and get the pizza.

4. They have an I-hate-food/sleep problem.

Begging them and stuffing their mouths with food so they get energy. While there are some exceptions who eat and sleep right but mostly students don’t have time to look up from their books so the mothers are making bites and making them eat food and telling them to sleep early.

5. They need silence.

Even a tiny sound and they hear you. They need 100% concentration and when one person is giving exams the whole family is involved, thus the best thing we can do is give them the atmosphere of calm and quiet.

6. Their normal conversations is about specifications of the heart or demand and supply.

Yes, they talk about studies as girls do gossips, with full attention and sparkle in their eyes. It’s basically because so they can understand better and easily.

In their dreams as well they are stressed and keep getting awkward situations to cope up with such as being late for exams, going on the wrong date, sitting in the wrong room.

Good luck to all those who are giving their papers. May all of you get A stars and 100% scores. Wishing you all the best.

To make sure you achieve high grades give your exams in this manner!


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