Moin Akhtar – A Personality You Can Never Forget

This morning when I woke up, while joining my family in watching TV, I saw channels showing old shows of Mr. Moin Akhtar, which made me realize today is his 1st death anniversary.

The man who was truly a treasure, the man who completely changed the television industry. When he was shooting for a show, Mr. Burger, I had a chance to do a scene with him. Well, actually I was 8 years old and while he was delivering his dialogues along with his co-actors I was eating oranges.

I never had a chance to interact with him, although I used to watch him from afar. The way he acted and showcased his talent, I could see that he had a thirst of bringing the best of his ability. Anyone would say he had a sense of humor, but I would say his personality was a humorous one, he had the power, the knack to make anyone laugh, which is one of the greatest gifts God could give to anyone.

He was amazing, only after centuries do people like Moin Akhtar are born. He had so much knowledge about the Pakistani communities, the culture, he used to impersonate and present them with so much perfection, it seemed as if he actually belonged to that heritage.

He could mould himself according to any situation any role he was given. His vision was broader, stronger. He had political knowledge and awareness of our country. They way he presented the problems faced by the people living here and abroad used to be very accurate.

His shows are countless. He started from radio, making his mark there then going towards stage and then finally television.

The shows that he did with Anwar Maqsood were very deep and showed reality. It seemed as if Moin Akhtar was speaking what was in our hearts, what we had been wanting to say all along.

He used to be very supportive towards his actor colleagues, he used to promote them. He also tried to shift his talent to others, I think he was strongly intelligent and used his talent to his full capacity, which only few can do.

Today, we miss him, remember him and wish that God blesses his soul and gives him the highest place in Jannah. Ameen.

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