Pieces Of Time part 4

She sipped her tea as she sat opposite Usman Mustafa in the cafe. As he talked about his life in the US, she nodded along realizing how he hadn’t changed at all, only caring about himself. Finally she understood that how her one-sided liking for him will never result in something special. She excused herself to go to the ladies’ room.

As she looked in the mirror, she had a slight smile on her face, the burden on her heart had been lifted. One meeting with Usman had made her recognize the fact that he could never be what she wants, he will never love her.

She said good bye to him, thanked him for the tea and left. She made it clear with her actions and words that they are friends but she needs her space.

She took a cab and looked at her watch. She still had time for office. She explained the address to the cab driver and sat peacefully.

When she entered, she saw a lot of panic.

What she could gather from around her was that a company which her boss, Fariha, had been after for a long time had finally contacted them for investment for a fashion show. It was very exciting and they were about to visit any minute. Like always, Tanisha was supposed to be there giving introduction which was pretty easy for her.

She was inside Fariha’s room when Farah, the other assistant came in and told them three men have arrived in suits.

“Send them in”, Fariha said calmly.

The meeting was crucial as one of them being the owner of the company Jabbar Haque was asking a lot of questions to make sure if they were capable, reliable and trustworthy. The man was exciting and looked very ambitious for his work.

Tanisha like every time had pitched in her unique ideas and thoughts which got her positive feedback from Jabbar.

It was a successful meeting. The contract was supposed to be signed next week.

Jabbar Haque was a decent man in his early 30s. He always had a busy routine, he had been career oriented since the beginning. It was a prestige point for him to achieve higher.

He had seen sparks of talent and ability in that girl Tanisha. He has been quite impressed by her.

Tanisha stayed late that night since she knew she had to prepare herself for what’s next.


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