Review: Kachee Goliyan Comics on the right track

When I first heard the words ‘Kachee Goliyan’, I knew it would be something out of the box, something big and I was right. Ramish and Nofal, the best friends, the mates, the coolest people ever had made the Kachee Goliyan Comics in Pakistan. First the craze was only on Facebook but this year they have launched their comic BOOKS, to be read online at as well as the actual copy which is available for free.

What I did was I read the third issue first which is the March issue titled ‘Of Superheroes and Rockstars’.  It starts with the main character Sufi and how he transforms. Actually he is a hero but he isn’t satisfied with himself and decides to quit his secret life. The last page leaves the readers in apprehension as it ends in continuation. I must say I was very impressed by the Cover Art. The drawings as always were striking.

I’m glad that the story of the March issue kept me in surprise wondering what will be the end.

As I read the older issues of January and Feburary I saw how greatly the KG team has improved. How beautifully they have emerged, creativity on its peak with their vision to be the most excellent. In Urdu I would call it ‘nikhaar aagaya’ in their work, in their thoughts.

What I loved about the March issue was that it was black and white compared to being colored in the previous issues. Being black and white is their trademark, I just can not imagine my Sufi and JC to be colored. They are always black and white since the beginning, I wouldn’t want that to change. Colors do bring brightness to the frame of mind but I think KG’s true lovers would prefer black and white Sufi and JC, with their hairy legs and JC’s cute afro.

As KG is growing so are its readers, people are discussing ‘what’ they will do next, surely something extraordinary.

Previously I had written a post on KG where I had given them a lot of, I would say in my eyes, positive criticism. It was only for their improvement and success.

The KG team has made it to the path of victory, they are winners in my eyes. I have seen a thirst in their work to be the most tremendous in their lives. With that, I just want KG to know that they have conquered what most can’t but there are still mountains to go. With all my heart I wish them good luck, bad girls and great love.


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