Tu Desi Thumka La

Osama Com Laude

When you pop your hip to the left and back while continuously doing that with the beats of the song, you my friend are doing the ‘Desi Thumka’. It’s very popular among all the Desis that is Pakistanis, Indians and others. The trend of dancing has been there since before the 18th century and it still continues. People dance especially on Pakistani weddings to upbeat and famous songs ranging from Punjabi style to pure English songs. Young girls and boys practice well before the wedding atleast 3 months before, but planning starts a year before.

Which songs will be ‘in’ during the wedding, the clothes, everything is planned.

Although there are other styles of dancing other then Punjabi style such as crumping, breakdancing, hip hop, I personally like Punjabi with all the thumkas with the ‘latkas’ and ‘jhatkas’.

A song ‘Desi Thumka’ has also emerged which is sung by Nouman Khalid feat. Osama Com Laude. Although both of the singers come in the category of ‘pretty’ boys and most girls will call them ‘cute’, well I’m one of those girls. Anyway when you listen to the song you expect the video to be full breaking the stage kind but the actual video is very classy and subtle. I personally thought the video was restrained. Overall the song is very addictive as well as very popular nowadays having more than 6 million views on YouTube.

Even aunties in weddings have adapted the concept of dancing in their lives telling their fellow friends “my daughter dances very well, you should see her on stage, very Sheila”.

Even when girls dance on weddings, it’s more of a gossip session for others who are just envious that they can’t dance themselves or merely because it’s not considered religious.

The reaction of people when you tell them you dance is mixed. Some appreciate while others consider it a ‘no-no’.

My one friend describes dancing as fun, it makes her happy, and it’s a source for enjoyment.

While some know how to dance naturally others actually learn how to dance, they take classes. People dance for exercising as well, listen to songs while doing aerobics and work out which is great as well as keeping them fit.

These were the effects of Desi Thumka which includes a song, reactions and its many uses. How has Desi Thumka effected your lives?


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