Celebrating Women’s Day Positively?

Women EmpowermentWomen? How can you ever express what they are and feel? Women are like delicate flowers where each one is beautiful in their own kind of way.  A woman has key roles in her life which comprises of being a daughter, a wife, a mother and more. Most women don’t say it but a lot of pressure is on them mentally and physically especially since they have so many responsibilities in their daily lives.

All over the world International Women’s Day is being celebrated today at March 8, 2012, empowering women all over, praising them and letting them know how much they mean to everyone.

There are many women who have been in this world who are true examples of independence such as Hazrat Fatima Al Zahra, Fatima Ali Jinnah, Mother Teresa, who were sincere, honest and kind.

There are other kinds of women as well who have totally misused and abused the names of women all over in Pakistan, one example is Waheeda Shah who was shown slapping and punching another woman on National TV, which was Veena Malikvery brutal of her. How can you not control your anger in public? It was mental torture to see the girl being abused by Waheeda Shah and the video was made to be amusing as well, showing the slap repeatedly, which wasn’t funny at all, it showed that the TV people were cowardly.

Another is Veena Malik who has disgraced the name of Pakistan worldwide. Appearing on the cover of magazines without clothes was very alarming and shocking for most. Then she came in an ‘I want to get married’ reality show which seemed very filmy and needy. She was also seen getting too close to men in another reality show which got her a lot of criticism.

Paris Hilton Crying!Paris Hilton is also an example of disgrace against woman who has been jailed for her acts of breaking the law. She is a complete party girl and since young girls follow her, she has been a very sucky role model for them.

Rakhi Sawant? She is like this lady who never gets old. She has been showcasing her assets in every way possible which is very shameful.

Heroines in movies, who been bouncing and jumping which is appalling and very annoying too, need to be banned. Worldwide, the image of women may have improved but Pakistan and other countries are not being represented by the right kind of women. We need education and training in skills of the personality. We need simple, classy women to represent us who have been there and experienced what is it actually to be the woman of Pakistan, not like a rich covered in cash woman who never worked for a dime in their life. Basically, we need a makeover, let’s see if that works out.


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