Pieces Of Time part 3

“Hi Tanisha! How have you been?”, he said in his husky voice.

“I have been good”, she managed to utter out.

“Can we talk?”

“I have office right now”, she said with a slight frown.

“Being your boss’s son, I already asked her and she said you can have your day off.”, he said shrugging his shoulders.

She nodded her head as they started walking. A hundred thoughts were coming in her head, they were not letting her settle. He had surprised her by suddenly appearing in front of her. Even Fariha hadn’t even mentioned in their conversations that her son was returning back from the US.

“I feel like I owe you an explanation.” He said sounding a little apologetic.

“For what?”, she pretended to be strong although she could feel her heart beat in her neck.

“I know I shouldn’t have left like that without informing.”, he said, carefully choosing his words.

“Yes you left but the good thing is you’re back, I don’t need any explanations. You did what you thought was best”, she said staring directly in his eyes.

“T, you have no idea what that means. I’m just glad. So are we going to Leesay Café now or what?” He said, reminding her their usual hangout place.

“Nah that is not going to happen, actually I do have other things to do and I have a lot of pending work at office”, she said a white lie to save herself from breaking down.

“You know I know you. That’s just an excuse you use when you want to lay off me., but I won’t budge, I’ll bug you, tease you and beg till you say yes.”, he made an attempt to be funny.

“Don’t annoy me, Usman.”, she felt a little better, feeling like her old self, sarcastic as well as stylish.

He laughed as they walked towards his car because they were going to the café now.

She started acting like her own self soon enough and Tansiha forgot how her heart had been scarred and how pieces of her heart were still missing. She just forgot, enjoying the moments with him.


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