Sharmeen Chinoy Wins Oscar For Pakistan

It was an ordinary night for many but for Pakistanis living here and abroad, heart beats were fast and people were in anticipation. Pakistan’s Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy was nominated for her documentary ‘Saving Face’ at the 84thAnnual Academy Awards also known as the Oscars. Faces were in shock and in happiness when she and her co-director, Daniel Junge were announced winners for the prestigious award for Best Documentary Short Subject. This is the first Oscar for Pakistan in any category.

Sharmeen is a living legend since she has proved yet again that she is a woman who has established a ground for Pakistanis. She has created platforms, made pathways to follow.

The 33-year-old says in her acceptance speech, “This is for all the women in Pakistan working for change. Don’t give up on your dreams. This is for you.”

She says her mother and father always told her “it doesn’t matter if you were born a woman, you can get anything and everything you want.

She has given a positive hope to each and everyone who have been struggling with terrorism every day of their lives.

Sharmeen returned to Pakistan from the US after almost a decade. She says, “If all the educated people leave this country then what’s going to become of it?”

Her work has previously won numerous awards including an Emmy in 2010 for her documentary, Pakistan: Children of the Taliban. She says Oscars is ‘the’ award.

Sharmeen showed to the world that all the men who think they will dominate innocent women can just now live in disgrace and shame.

Sharmeen was inspired by the stories of Afghan refugees. They moved her so much that she thought the real situation which was so dire should be shown to the world. She has been unstoppable since then. She has worked hard for what she is now. She is an example for all those who have faced violence and pain, a chance for change, to speak for what they believe in.

We are so proud of Sharmeen and all her team. We hope and pray that she continues to be Pakistan’s pride for the days to come.


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