Pieces Of Time part 2

Her night had been dreamless. She woke up, stretching out her arms, not even bothering opening her eyes. She sat in her bed for a while reviewing her sleep. Tanisha Azeem usually had dangerous nightmares which made her wake up with a jolt and pour out tears of fear.

This night was odd, she thought.

Her roommate must have walked her to the bed which she vaguely remembered.

It was the first day of the week. She checked her watch, she was up early. Tanisha had a job as assistant to a major media personality. Her job was very exciting but she didn’t let it be. She just determined herself on doing everything according to her boss, Fariha Shah. Fariha had a very engaging personality. She was a family friend and had been kind to Tanisha.

When Fariha knew Tanisha was looking for a job, she was gracious enough to offer her. Tanisha knew she had to live up or rather cross the expectations which were set for her. She was confident but sometimes used to deter. Her life was rather complicated.

She dressed up, made herself breakfast, giving out a laugh when she remembered how her mother used to make her a sunny side up egg with brown bread every day and now she was the one making it.

Rumaisa Ali, her roommate/cousin/close friend walked in with her books n her hand.

“Good morning T! Slept well?”. She said as she took the bread from Tanisha’s hand and started munching with a grin on her face.

“You came home late. How is Saboor?” Tanisha knew Rumaisa and Saboor were a close couple and loved spending time with each other.

“Never better”. She replied.

This was the usual start up conversation between the two before they started chit chatting. Both knew they would get late, so they gathered their stuff and left for their respective destinations.

Tanisha sat in a rickshaw which took her to work. Her thoughts were continuously bothering her. She shrugged them off and before she knew it she reached her office but what she saw left her in shock. Her jaw dropped as she saw the sight. Her eyes couldn’t believe it. She stood still for a minute before the sight came closer, closer and closer…


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