Pieces Of Time part 1

It was raining, it had been constantly pouring since the last three days. She had been stuck in her apartment since then as the mere thought of heavy rain used to infuriate her. She stared out of the window, the gloomy weather did not match her style at all. She was the kind of woman who loved breathing in the sun, when the rays touched her soft skin, she would enjoy the glimmer, mesmerize herself in them. The downpour had completely ruined her mood. She walked around the apartment, thinking of cleaning up the place but that would be just out of her personality. She tossed that thought away.

She looked in the mirror in her hallway and saw a woman of no more than twenty-one and wondered about her journey since she was just a seventeen year old.

When she was a girl, all her hassles, dramas and issues were taken care of her by her parents but after she turned seventeen, she knew she had a life to build, a career to set. She moved over to the couch with a bottle of water in her hand and started remembering what it was really like to be the star and then coming down to bits, and then just be an ordinary human being.

She recalled how her soul had been ripped apart by so many people, those she had ran after for so long, maybe it was her ego to conquer them or just the thought of losing really frightened her.

She took a strand of her hair; it instantly slipped through her fingers. She didn’t care, she just went deep in thought.

Some incidents in her life had been awakening calls. She had discussed them with a good number of people just to know what just what could be the reason of them occurring, what could be the trigger? Getting different views on a situation had always given her an opportunity to think straight and with an open mind.

It really amused her how people would just become extra close to know her. She remembered how naive she was, letting people get too close and then facing the consequences. They used to guide her wrong, give false hopes, saying they care when actually they didn’t.

She closed her eyes. It felt painful to remind herself what she had been and what she is now. She commanded herself to relax and take a deep breath. Her eyes were closed as the sun came out of the clouds and beams of sunlight filled her place. A smile spread across her face and she went in a deep sleep.


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