Valentine’s Day: The Anticipation

“Did you get something on Valentine’s Day? Did you receive chocolates, flowers, a heart shaped chocolate red icing cake with a special love message?” Yeah, this is what people who receive gifts ask their friends in an attempt to make them jealous. People who don’t receive (like me) just want to stoop to the ground and bury themselves with embarrassment.

Most people don’t follow Valentines, but as soon as they receive gifts they scream with happiness, forget that they never believed in it in the first place but are just happy as clams.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated for just the mere reason to remind your special someone, or your friends (ahem) that they are truly loved, cherished and beyond doubt, are their life.

Red is the color on Valentines. You can mix it up with white as well as pink but red is the most important because it’s the color of love. Red roses look so pretty with red chocolates as well as matching red and white teddies. People go out on candle light dinners, have walks on the beach, enjoy the moonlight and just have fun!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I see people running around, trying to get things straight for the big day. Some are excited, while others are nervous, some are busy while others are in anticipation waiting for their gifts.

Valentine’s Day is said not to be celebrated because of religious reasons, but we do celebrate other occasions so why single out this day? It’s a beautiful day to show your love, a special day to show you care. Memories and moments are created on this day.

Valentine’s Day is very popular around the world especially in US and Europe. They celebrate it on a large scale and give it a lot of importance, sending love through gifts in a special way to show that they care.

Although we should grab every opportunity to tell our beloved that we love them, Valentines is one of those days where you can truly tell them your feelings or just declare your love for them! Happy Valentine’s Day in advance for those who are celebrating and if you are telling them your feelings for the first time, I’ll just wish you best of luck!


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