The Do’s and Don’ts Of Social Media

I have been seeing and using social media since I can remember.

Through social media people interact with each other, talking about various things, giving their opinions, criticisms, complaints and mainly just taking out contentment or frustrations whatsoever.

I have concluded some Do’s and Don’ts of the social media. Let me know if you relate to them.

The Do’s

– Using it for businesses. While some people use it for business purposes and marketing their product, they also use it to promote themselves like actors, celebrities. A nice way to get more famous as well as interacting with your fans and followers.

– Helping others to achieve their goals by inspiring and motivating articles via blogs, newspapers and magazines. Informing and encouraging people to know what they want and how they will achieve it.

– Using it for education. YouTube, Wikipedia and WolframAlpha are websites from where you can learn and gather knowledge related to your field.

– Portraying the image of your country to the world. When people are going to interact with you through social websites, they will realize your attitude, personality and mindset. It will show them from where you belong, your background. You need to garner and give out positive vibrations.

– It serves best to increase social circles and making friends. Sometimes these friends can turn out to be with you for life and they will always help you in all cases.

The Don’ts

– Howling and taking out frustrations. Some people think Twitter/Facebook is their personal diary where they can write whatever they want. Acting like complete morons for all I know. Criticizing the system. It’s not an excuse. Ever. Just give out your positive feedback and do what you can. Always think before you speak.

– Using abusive words. Seriously. Not cool. It looks as if you don’t have friends in real. I know people say using these words brings more emphasis on the ‘anger’, brings more stress on their point but it looks real immature and needy. I might have done the same before but I try to focus on other things.

-Playing online games. Total time waster. Might as well do something in real rather than living a virtual life. Time is money, money is time. Time is precious, use it wisely.

– Being a reality star. They post photos, videos of themselves for publicity and pretend they never knew about it. They believe that there is no such thing as bad press. Be it positive or negative, they just want to stay in the news. Pull ridiculous stunts to gather interest from public. Headache please.


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