Pakistan Blog Awards: From A Blogger’s View

Attending Pakistan Blog Awards was an honour, a prestige for me, a huge opportunity to meet and greet the blogging world. It was an experience beyond measure since it was my first time being present at such an event!

I was so nervous I could hear my heart beating in my head, but I never thought of winning I just wanted to capture and remember each and every moment in my mind.

Wearing three inch heels with a pink dress and heavy clad earrings, I thought that’s formal enough but when I entered the hall I noticed people were too casual wearing jeans. I just ignored that fact and moved to enjoy!

Action begins!

The hostess of the night was Rabia Gharib who at every point kept the audience alive, asking the Sindhi folk band to play and keep the theme going which was ‘Colors of Pakistan: Celebrating the New Media Spaces’.

The first performance had children from the Garage School letting us know facts about Pakistan. The kids were delightful, they danced to different tunes which were bonded to different provinces of our country. The awards were announced, I just remembered Lahorenama, the Best Culture Blog and 24/7 Online TV, the Best Video Blog.  Major personalities were present including Imran Khan, Faisal Qureshi, Faisal Kapadia and others.

From left: Sana Saleem, Faisal kapadia (standing), Jehan Ara, Shoaib Taimur

I saw Faisal Kapadia (@faisalkapadia) and I couldn’t resist introducing myself, he is too engaging and for me he is an ideal to look up to.

The second performance was by the very entertaining Sami Shah. He talked about the affect of internet in our lives which was spot on and very true. I met very nice people who were bloggers who I also knew from Twitter. It was shocking to put a face on them because they were exactly the same.

Imran Khan

The whole event was perfect for me but the icing on cake was the special appearance of Imran Khan which left me in bewilderment. I was very excited mainly because he came to promote youth, he talked about the fact that how the youngsters were going to play a huge role in bringing change and how he needs our support. Cameras were going click click and as he was going he left everyone in admiration!

As the event ended, while people were talking and having dinner I walked towards a better, a different me who will keep this understanding that how far we have come, to a superior, recovered, greater then before Pakistan!


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