We All Are Humsafar-ing

People are in love with the Pakistani serial Humsafar and I can feel it. How? People can’t stop talking about it! The devotion has spread worldwide. My aunt from US recently came to visit Pakistan when I casually mentioned the H word that is Humsafar she started shrieking excitedly! “What’s going to happen now? Im so worried about poor little Khirad (a character from Humsafar). All the way through the plane ride I kept asking my son and he was least bit interested but don’t tell me the end!! I’ll watch it myself”.

Yes, this serial is based on a novel and those of you who read it should know how it ends. For those who haven’t gone through the book well I’ll keep it a mystery as long as none of your friends spoiled it!

Humsafar has one of those ambitious forces working on it, bringing out the true talent and potential of the performers. I have watched the show very closely, watching repeats as well. My friends used to tell me to stop being a stalker!

Khirad (Mahira Khan) is shown as a sensitive girl but with a strong heart. I wish I could talk about her till the end, praising and admiring her! She is my absolute favorite. I remember I used to watch her as a VJ and completely HATE her! But when I saw her in Humsafar, I thought to myself what a transformation! From wardrobe change to her hair to her absolutely different makeup, she is just perfect and her beauty is striking!

The reason I wrote the title as “we are Humsafar-ing” is because I just can’t tolerate the pain Khirad is going through, she doesn’t deserve that. She needs to be happy. Asher (Fawad Khan), Asher Asher Asher, what should I say? Fawad Khan has portrayed the role of a jealous, naive and irritating husband surprisingly well but he should give Khirad a chance, keep his mind open. Girls have kept their statuses and tweeted “Fawad <3(heart)”. He is quite good looking and girls are going gaga over him which I think is quite normal. I’m hoping his role gets heroic and more positive!

Sara (Naveen Waqar), when I used to watch you as a VJ I used to love the fact that you were different and so carefree! I have to admit you look amazing in Humsafar, but I don’t want to see you do negative. You’re so pretty!

Atiqa Odho (mother of Asher) has performed without a doubt flawlessly. This is the first time I have seen her do this kind of role and she is truly taken out the essence of the whole character and performed impeccably.

The way the show unfolds and everyone is performing especially Sara and Khirad. They have literally brought tears to my eyes!

Like always I have been a fan of happy endings. Here is hoping that Humsafar has a blissful yet stylish ending with the hero and heroine living happily ever after BUT I always like a twist so fingers crossed!


4 thoughts on “We All Are Humsafar-ing

  1. anas saleem says:

    I dnt mean to mock yu but naveen is looking sick i was shocked when i saw her in the serial at first i thought its some other girl but then i realized its her n she looked as thou she has been doing manual labour
    n about atiqa oddo this is not the first time shes doing such a role a few months bak she did a seril on ary which had a similar role for her but she was a poitician in it


    • kinzatahir says:

      Anas, there are some scenes in which it looks like Naveen is under stress but in the rest of the show she looks great as well as under control of herself.
      Atiqa Odho may have done negative roles but this is the first time I saw her doing such a performance and I actually like it.
      Everyone has different opinions and I appreciate yours. Thanks for your feedback 🙂


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