GOD gifted Potential in Pakistan

There are always two kinds of ways which people follow: the negative and the positive. In life, some think negatively but people who take out the positive out of negative, take out opportunities are those who will lead to success.

Below are points which will highlight Pakistan in a positive way:

  • This country is God gifted. It has unlimited minerals be it gas, coal and immeasurable oil that hasn’t even been excavated yet. People don’t realize how rich our country is. We have 10 kinds of marble. India only has 3 to which it does 10 arab dollars worth of exports. We have copper and gold reserves from Baluchistan and Waziristan to Chitral. Our reserves of gold and copper only are worth 260 arab dollars in Baluchistan. Waziristan has more than that. Our coal reserves in Thar have so much worth that it’s more than of Saudia Arabia and Iran combined. There is so much energy that we won’t be having problems of load shedding.

  • We can export gas and precious stones such as rubies, emeralds found in Swat which are not available in the world. They are worth 50 arab dollars.We have lands which are ready to be sown. If we work on our agriculture, make it grow and invest in our farmers, we can sell wheat to the world. Our manpower is terrific.
  • All Pakistanis go overseas and excel in every field. 70% population of Pakistan is under age 30. Our biggest asset and engine of growth are all young Pakistanis. 6 million of them are living overseas. Their annual income is 200 arab dollars. They are freshly educated. They are waiting to come here. Whenever we fix our system, end corruption, set our governance system they will bring in their dollars and investment. They will bring the country on top and create jobs. Whenever overseas Pakistanis find a good system, they reach so high. We have a hunger to reach success.

A professor from Bradford remarks:

“The students from Pakistan are dynamic. They work harder, and show their full potential compared to students over here in UK”

  • There is no merit over here compared to overseas. There is so much pressure, blood being sucked out of us by the current situation. The problem is corruption. Ineligible people are running our country. There is worse kind of slavery and it is destroying us. Due to less power, this country’s potential cannot be fulfilled.
  • If you tell the people you are world beaters and no one can compete with you they will live their life with more potential than expected. On the other hand, if you tell people you are not worth it, you are nothing then they will have no energy, who will they compete? Pakistan has talent, human resources. Even without system we have talents like Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan who were world champions for 10 years.
  • In 1960s, high tech physics lab at Government College was made here and not made anywhere in Asia. In 1970s, we produced ball point pens which were not available anywhere in Asia at that time. We were the first Asians in the 1980s to produce silicone in Pakistan. We were so ahead of time.
  • We invested 20 arab dollars in new technology and defense. We haven’t applied them in other areas. If we apply our technology with private sector just imagine the nuclear technology and rocket science we will have.

Pakistan is fighting and will reach its true worth slowly but steadily. Everyone is wishing for a brighter and better Pakistan. With God’s blessing we will be reaching our potential very soon.


4 thoughts on “GOD gifted Potential in Pakistan

  1. Nasir Iqbal (@risaniqbal) says:

    nice work with details and estimates … those Chamalang coal mines only can produce electricity for complete asia for next 50 years .. all we need, like u said , a good administration and management of resources with Honesty and Faith .. however there is something about this article which made me burst into laughters .. i’ll share that on Twitter 😉


  2. Yousuf Rafi says:

    a very well researched blog Kinza tahir… there are so many people who blame every other person for situation in Pakistan but there are only few who are blessed with a gift finding good in every situation…. as Shahspear said “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.” so do I consider that as long as there as people like you Pakistan is on the safe harbor…. GOD bless Pakistan!!


    • kinzatahir says:

      Pakistan is blessed with unlimited potential and I am proud be called a Pakistani. May GOD give us eyes to see what’s good in Pakistan, and provide us opportunities to make a difference.

      Thanks for the comment Yousuf 🙂


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