Top 10 Survivor Tips For A Blank Mind

I never understood the concept of writer’s block but when I read about it in an article I got it. Let me explain in simple words. Writer’s block occurs when your thoughts are constricted and your mind is just purely what can I say BLANK!!

My head is blank now, yeah! But I have decided to come out of this what do you call block thing and write up the Top 10 Survivor Tips For A Blank Mind.

10) Move to the left. Move to the right. Dance.

You’re thinking how can I dance when I have to write up a 600 words long report? That’s what I’m saying! When you’re in stress just let loose and try to relax. Move your feet, if you’re a girl do the “desi thumka” or if you are a guy do the ”bhangra” because that will help you have relief and feel free!

9) Take a walk

Feel like too much pressure coming from the bosses or teachers? Take a walk around and let your mind settle down, let your thoughts wander freely. Then return and start with a fresh mind.

8 ) Whine

You think that whining is a job for girls but hear me out. When you have too much bottled up inside, you need to vent. How do you do that? Grab your sibling/friend or ask your parents nicely that “I want to talk and only I will talk so just listen”. Pour out everything you feel is making you moody and uncomfortable! You will feel better.

7) Have an Apple.

I would prefer 4S! Jokes aside, an apple will jog up your mind, make you feel charged. Also the idea of fruit salad consisting fruits and veggies is very tempting so I will also recommend it.

6) Go out with your enemies.

Yes that might have freaked some people out but what I mean is there are some people you just can’t stand. Learn to like them and you will start appreciating the finer things in life. You will get a different perspective for others actually for everything.

5) Stare at the paper. Look right.

Distract yourself when you think you just can’t think of anything. Start imagining. Assume anything. Feel light. Start writing or start your task with the most random thoughts, then slowly they will become focused.

4) Free Writing

Everyone knows what that is. It is taught to you in your first lecture on a simple level English course. Choose a topic and write whatsoever on it. Then go through the piece and highlight what is relevant.

3) Facebook? No! Twitter all the way.

Yes social websites are very addictive but you should know when to draw the line. Assign yourself a specific time period, stick to it. Should be enough for you and then back to work.

2) Deadlines

Give yourself a deadline. For example this is my time for break. Make a task list or a time table some might say just like in school. Have fun in your break (follow the above Tips if you want) and then track the deadline. Did you meet up with it or was it missed? Makes small notes where possible so that you remember every little detail.

1) Pray

Pray. A small word with so many meanings. What I mean by pray is make a wish. Look out for God and pray. He will listen to you and do what is best for you. He is one of the best sources to get what you want and with his blessings you will be a person who is ever thankful.


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