I Miss Your Fake Self

Have you been on the verge of being really stressed out when you feel that the presence of your dear ones is missing? When your friends, your close families are away, you feel that it couldn’t be harder to miss out the great moments which you could have had together. Remembering the old days where you and your friends used to spend time together, studying where you would revise at the last moment, quizzing each other so that the answers would stay in your minds.

Everyone has memories which they always cherish and whenever old friendship rekindles you laugh, sometimes cry at how much you miss those days.

Now the real thing: have you noticed there are some memories which you are NOT going to miss?

Let me give you an example, you had a fight with a person which never resolved and you still dislike that him/her. Recently, you run into them and hatred comes flowing back. Either you give that person a look of disgust or be the bigger person and greet that person! You expect him to him/her to be devilish as before but surprisingly they have changed and are ever sweeter to you. Feeling weird? You remind them of your fight, the fake rumors you used to spread about each other, the talking behind the back, but they fail to acknowledge it, they are all smiles! Now this is a total ruin of bad memories. I wonder what these people want, horrific memories are also a part of life which you loathe but still when you are reminded about them you don’t want to be told that “I have totally forgotten that! Can we move on and become best friends again?”

You feel insanely awkward at this point and walk off! She/he keeps adding you on Facebook but you reject because the bad memories were too good to be true, you don’t want to ruin them by being friends again. You stay away!

The worst memories always remind you of your mistake somewhere in between. You may feel that others are at fault, but at one point you are responsible for what is happening. I’m not talking about mishaps just experiences which memories give you which remain for a lifetime.


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