Don’t Point That Dagger At Me

“I feel so helpless, people are after my life”  “That person is so not following the fashion trend!”

These are sentences I hear so much that I think they are on repeat inside my head. People have the constant need to complain, mainly because they want to take out their frustration. Give them a chance, just an initial opening, they start talking, start on you for no reason. Maybe they have been at work or studying all day, you keep guessing what could it be which gets a person from normal to insane in 0.5 seconds.

People also have the need to correct others, mostly in public, to make them feel inferior, making them realize again and again that they have committed an error. Sometimes people forget to add ‘the’ or ‘s’ in words which is made to look so fatal.

People love to target one person, if it’s that person’s wedding then it’s probably acceptable if they are a topic which is talked about 100 times a day but on a regular basis, if they are being targeted for no specific reason, that is just cruel. One move they do, and people love to gossip, mimic, about it. Spreading pointless rumors, which are so technically told that they sound very true yet they are so wrong.

I know I might be talking about a small portion of the public since awareness has come to be more positive, I just want to point out that some people need to relax and stop aiming the dagger at people who want to live their own life. For example, if one person doesn’t want to talk to you then move on leave that person alone! Stop trying to steal their friends and don’t try to control them.

For all those people who ARE targeted, sometimes you have to ignore it but do retort back if you feel that someone is getting up your grill. You are free to live and do whatever you want, if people have complaints and comments then it’s their problem, not yours. Just focus on yourself!


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