Seven Deadly Questions Asked In Your 20s

It’s your birthday, you are celebrating your 20th! Next day, you meet your mamoo (mother’s brother), he takes you on a long walk asking you all these questions. Sometime later, you go to a gathering, someone gets to know your age is more then 20, storm of questions start coming your way. Run away! Here are the Top Seven Deadly Questions Asked In Your 20s, have you survived them? Let’s find out!

7) When are you getting married?

This question is so galling, be it in weddings or casual parties at home, aunties or mothers of your married friends ask, ‘beta mu kab meetha karwa rahi ho?’ (I’m still waiting for your wedding sweets.’). This one makes me want to shove and smash the glass in my hand onto their big head but what can you do? Just smile and nod. There are some who snap back with, ‘mere abhi khelnay kudnay k din hain, shaadi kar k barbaad nahi karnay!’ (These are my days to play and have fun, I don’t want to ruin it by getting married!’).

6) What are your future plans?

Yes, according to some people, you should have your future sorted out when you hit your 20s, but it actually takes time. When you are asked about your future plans it is basically will you be studying, doing a job or getting married? What I am doing now is what I have thought so far, I don’t have my 10 years planned, people! Even if I have, why would I tell you so that you can announce it to the whole world? Move on, target someone else.

5) What is your salary?

This question is so embarrassing. These people seem so educated yet they ask such low questions. Makes you want to hide and never come out!  Why should I tell you my salary? It’s a very personal question, limits anyone?

4) Are you single?

Being single is a crime, if you don’t have a boyfriend you are probably sad and depressed. People make this image about you that you are lonely! They start looking for your potential boyfriends, life partners, spouses etc. What is their reason, may I ask? They retort back with ‘We want you to be happy’. Even if I’m committed, people never hesitate to ask this question! Why may I ask? Their answer is ‘Just wanted to make sure!’.

3) Will you pass this year?

Let me think, I wonder what I have been doing so far. Do give some leverage to me on this one because I’ll be the one studying, you don’t have to worry mister!

2) I love your outfit! Can I borrow it?

I hope you are not poor or needy that you need to borrow an outfit. Don’t you have enough money to buy your own or better, your own outfit is more expensive then why are you asking for mine? In these situations, I just raise my eyebrow because these people are so full of themselves. They add sugary coatings to win hearts. SO fake!

1) Your cell phone is gorgeous. How much memory? Songs? Talk Time?

Go away, give me some air. Here! Take my cell phone. Go crazy! Do the anesthesia and postpartum on it. I don’t have the time to tell you all the details but I do like to show off! So give it back, here is the 32 GB memory, here are my more than 1000 songs. Beauty? I know! Thank you!


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