Prove Me Wrong?

Why do some people get satisfied by proving others wrong? This is the way of the world. Likewise, by seeing others suffer we feel thankful for our good fortune. Shakespeare in his famous play Romeo and Juliet declares, ‘One fire burns out another’s burning, one pain is lessen’d by another’s anguish’. Seeing others fail makes you think that your failure is not that huge. The dreadful feeling that you get after you fail falters when you see other’s fall down, the feeling just disappears.

Thinking about yourself but keeping other’s interest at heart should be our priority. Of course, you have to think about yourself but glancing if the other person is doing well can be done too.

In a perfect world, anyone can be faultless but the world is not perfect, the people are not perfect, thus you just have to try your best, be thankful for what we are. Even when we ask our parents for something, they tell us to look at the people below us, and BE THANKFUL for what we already have. What does below us mean? More like who are not that rich? Probably, those people are happier because they do so much effort, but are patient, because God will give them more.

The world also has those people, who, for the betterment of others, make them feel inferior. For example, bosses in companies make their employees feel like nothing so workers strive to do better and be the most excellent in what they do, to make the boss feel that they are working very hard! In any case, the boss does not hate his workers, or else they wouldn’t be there in the first place! It’s just that the boss wants pure hard work as well as the right work! This method is adapted by many! Those who have adapted it have the thinking that, ‘I won’t be your friend, I will be your enemy if I have to but I will make you the greatest in what you do!’.

Even when someone is bringing you down, just take it in a positive way. You never know the intention of that person, maybe they just want you to succeed, be better then best. The point isn’t to be negative but how you turn the negative into positive! I’ll give my example, when I make someone feel mediocre I want them to be superior then me and prove me wrong.

Evaluate what others say, sometimes you may ignore it! You don’t have to retort to every person, just think of it as a comment for the better and move on!


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