Har Bail Par Nazar

The most enjoyable are the days which are before Eid! When I have to check out all the sacrificial animals, it truly brings happiness to my face. The whole point of Eid ul Azha for me is checking out the best Qurbani animals, the biggest one, the strongest one, and of course the most beautiful one! All of us get together, my sisters with my cousins and me obviously, to celebrate the pre-Eid days! Going to different places, From Khy-e- Mujahid 29th street to the main street of Khy-e-Hafiz, I have seen about 2000 animals this Eid, actually more!

Once a year, people are truly entertained. They love seeing the animals especially bulls and cows! For this, the families get together and go out to enjoy the before Eid festivities. Famous names are given to bulls to attract attention and create excitement, which I think is creative. Names such as RaOne, Chulbul Pandey and more!

This year, after 11 years I went to the Cow and Goat Mandi (market). It was an experience I will always remember! Bulls were cat walking on the road, some were even running which was fun as well as scary at times, because someone could get seriously hurt! This was no ordinary mandi (market) it was near Sunday Bazaar, quite professional, one side had goats while the other had the bulls and cows! Price ranges were also in the budget. Although, like every mandi, it smelled terrible, but the feel was very nice! It was not overcrowded at all. A proper road was there to walk on, very little hassle! I had cousins ranging from the age 5 to 15, that did create some havoc but it was all handled!

The days of Eid-ul-Azha are the most awaited, because it’s the day for everyone in the family to be together, meet with love, perform Eid prayers and lastly get to have barbeque with their special ones!

Focusing on the animals is my choice, I just love sitting with them, having tea! I just love the sight of them! Wishing that Allah listens to our prayers this Eid and every day, accept our sacrifices and forgive our sins! Ameen.

*Image taken from internet.


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