Spot Fixing: 3 Idiots Sentenced To Jail

All the allegations against them were said to be true, they have faced the result! It’s been officially announced that Salman Butt will be facing 30 months in jail while Mohammad Asif has been sentenced 12 months of imprisonment and lastly Mohammad Amir is slammed with 6 months of jail time! Why? They were charged with spot fixing, which means that every action a player takes, if a bet is kept against it, it’s called spot fixing, for the match held in 2010 at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London.

So much was said, so much is written against this, but what happened in the end? They have been punished at last. Media is showing the players’ families in grief, which is just cruelty against humanity. Playing with emotions is not the message to be given out!

According to public opinion, ’it’s a pure fair decision, its individual’s fault, these players are corrupt and we as a nation suffered because of them’.

Butt being a senior player and captain at that time should have more responsibility regarding this! When he returns, he should be punished by the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) as well!

What triggered these players to do such a shameful act and break hearts of millions of Pakistanis? Although no one is going to admit it and keep on saying that the three players deserved it, but this is a truly saddening day in cricket! When asked to give their opinion about this issue, one Pakistani said, ‘Terrible! Feels like we have been backstabbed without any remorse, I feel sad at our situation more than theirs. May Allah bring back the lost reputation in Pakistan Cricket and remove this ill’.

Everyone out there is spot fixing but what our issue is that we make so much noise and create hype! PCB should have resolved this issue themselves, but what media did, they blasted the whole issue which attracted attention! Making others take the decision for us, how can we let others barge in? PCB gave the right to take the decision to ICC which made us undergo such an experience!

What we need is the media to calm down and do not make issues which will bring us disgrace. After all, it’s our own country, pay some respect! You need to make a gain new perspective, which will define you as a person which is Pakistani!


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