Imran Khan Stuns All With Striking InSwinger!

Imran Khan bowls!

The day of change, the day of justice, no one can deny, yesterday, October 30, 2011, was the day to be recorded in history! The original champion, Imran Khan, chairman and founder of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), held a jalsa (rally) yesterday along with his supporters in a major city of Pakistan, that is, Lahore. After a long time, people came running to attend a jalsa, from small villages to the residents of Lahore, everyone was pumped! Why? People need change! All this time, everyone can see that we need to revolutionize but they did not have a platform! May be now they do! Time will tell!

The crowd had more then 50, 000 patriotic Pakistanis, women as well! By some estimates there were over 100,000 people and one media even exaggerated to 500,000 though that could be called a very ‘wide’ ball? As reported, Imran Khan started his speech with reciting Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim! Khan began with the name of Allah, praising Him and His blessings! That seems to be an attempt to get the right wing engaged to his message a la Jamat-e-Islami and JUI vote bank. Khan said “Intention and striving is kept in our hand by Allah while success he will give Himself!”

I will mention here some of the messages and strategies he laid out as manifesto for his movement for change. Khan said, “When people of our country get up for change, no one can compete with them!” He addressed the Lahoris as well as the young generation with a very positive attitude, talking about practical targets which were reachable! Khan explained that problems related to electricity, will be a thing of the past, public will be free from such issues! Khan talked about corruption, he will end the interest system in villages and cities, taxes will be collected for the betterment of the country!

Imran Khan chose an energetic location where the people like to have fun as well as be serious when needed! Many things which he said created liveliness in the crowd! He made their spirit come alive!

The whole rally was very organized, the front rows were kept for women, but the young generation including young boys and teenagers were standing there, when the organizers requested them to move for the ladies, they, without any complaint moved to the back rows! Now this is what I call true youth of Imran Khan’s PTI!  Though this also resembled the organization of the early days of MQM! But all and all a reminder that we as a nation can act disciplined, all we need is a little motivation and a little thread to hang on.

The Tiger Khan gave a heart wrenching speech about rights of women, about freedom to speak for change! Saying he has brought not a flood but a tsunami of change in Pakistan! Inspiring leader he has proven to be! Yesterday he had elevated the youth to think, what it would be like to be educated, have freedom, be a free thinker!

Imran Khan smiles!

Mr Imran Khan, we don’t know yet if this tsunami of change that you talk about would bring the inspiration in a shortest time as we hope, we don’t know yet, if this is in fact the “change” we can all believe in as a vision like the one Mr Obama talked about and then left all Americans and the rest of the world bewildered; We don’t know yet if this is the change that can help our country and our people elevate themselves to make a difference in their own lives and of the ones around, yet I want to accept this call for change, and if nothing else, use this opportunity to electrify the dispersed aspirations of millions for that could only result in something very good especially when there is so much to aspire for.


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