Style Me Pretty

 To have the one perfect day, you prepare your whole life. Obviously, I’m talking about every girl’s wedding day which she has dreamed to be just wonderful! Young women these days are taking more part in their weddings in Pakistan compared to before where the parents used to arrange, decide, and set everything. A while back, girls only worried about their wedding dress and how nervous they were going to be on stage but now, these days, all the stuff related to a girl’s wedding is her top priority. From caterer to decorations, from jewelry to lipsticks, every little detail is kept in mind!

Each and every girl out there wants to look beautiful during the days of her wedding and she should! Some people call it the ‘wedding glow’ where the bride looks pretty at all times because her face is radiant with happiness!

Styling up the whole wedding, from the initial event to the last one, is a very crucial task which is divided among many. For anything to go according to plan, you need to prepare vigorously beforehand. Only then you will get the desired result!

Styling up the bride/groom needs at least a year minimum. A little dramatic? No, it isn’t! A woman/man needs to eat right, move right (exercise I mean) and have the right vibe around them. Positivity should be surrounding them at all times. Since a whole new life style change would occur after their wedding, they need to be ready for it by keeping their thoughts composed and collected. This can only happen if the things around them are encouraging and energizing.

If it’s your wedding then probably it’s a little hectic, but don’t occupy your mind with endless questions but just go with the flow. Be glad that the days have come for you to now be a responsible adult with your better half! If someone related to you is getting married, then I’m sure you are probably too busy in all the dance practices, teasing the couple and just enjoying! Your most important role? To be there when they bride/groom needs you, give them a shoulder if they get nervous and provide them 24/7 help if they need it!

Weddings are the best occasion to wear designer dresses! So whenever there is a wedding, don’t forget to keep it classy and fashionable!


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